Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dragonball T2

Decided to go to the mall to buy me a Christ the King image which I can put in our house. Unfortunately, the religious items displayed at Glorietta 4 is no longer there.

Since I am already at the mall, decided to watch movie(/s).

First is Dragonball Evolution. Goku has to carry out the last request of his grandfather to seek out the seven orbs--dragonballs--which grant its bearer one wish. If you want action, there's lots of action. I guess, would have appreciated it more if I know the characters from its TV animation...

Second is T2. I was wondering why the movie is titled T2. My question was answered in the latter part of the movie.

Starring Ms. Maricel Soriano, T2 is a horror, suspense film. A volunteer to an organization which unites orphans to their relatives, she encounters troubles while delivering one of her wards. This is then she realizes that the child is no ordinary child, as she came face-to-face with engkantos.

After the movies, went to the Landmark Supermarket to buy chichiria that we would be bringing to Cuyab Hot Springs Resort tomorrow.

And, of course, looked for a Christ the King image. I prefer something I can hang on the wall; but, all I can see are Christ the King figurines. It is nice to have a Christ the King image at home to remind us that God is the head of the household/family.

In one of the Glorietta stores, saw a small Christ the King image and a cross with Benedict medal. Decided to buy both and have them blessed. c",)


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