Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday at Cuyab

This is becoming a tradition. Our Easter Sunday is spent at Cuyab Hot Springs Resort at Laguna.

Thus, woke really early to buy our food at the Aristocrat in Malate, Manila. While waiting for the food to be packed, crossed the street to go the Malate Church where a Mass prior to the salubong is held.

The Mass is a concelebrated Mass.

Picked up the rest of the group. Stopped by McDonald's along South Luzon Expressway for our breakfast; then, proceeded to Cuyab for our much-needed respite. c",)

Upon reaching Cuyab, dropped them off as Manong and my niece proceeded to D'Original to buy buko pie and espasol for pasalubong.

There were only a few guests at Cuyab, making our swim much more fun. We have to leave early (around 2PM) to beat the traffic.

Since it is still early, have my computer sent to Villman to have it checked, for it keeps on rebooting. (This usually happens if I don't use my desktop for a long time, like when I went to the U.S. for training.. I think the computer is making tampo. Hehehe!) The problem was the memory. Thus, replaced and upgraded it to 2GB from 1GB. Also, have my CD-ROM replaced with a DVD-Writer.

While my computer is being checked, decided to have the image of Christ the King printed, and bought a frame for it. Since I cannot find a Christ the King framed image in stores, decided to make one. c",)


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