Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Productive Holy Wednesday

Am back in our Ortigas office and I was able to do a lot of things, aside from work-related, that was pending.

First, was able to make a partial payment for our Mt. Pinatubo Day Tour for our confirmation on the activity. But, boy! That was a looooonnnngggg wait in the queue. Went to the bank around 9AM and got me a number. I got 65 and the client being served is number 5. From time to time, dropped by the bank to check. Before going for lunch, the client being served is number 35. So, took my lunch and bought some things for the house. When I went back to the bank, the client being served is number 59. Finally! Waited for my turn and was able to make my deposit. Haayyyy....

Second, was able to "activate" my PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid's NDD/IDD/cellular phone. Actually, it was already activated by default, I just need to top-up from my regular load. Hehehe!

Third, was able to make the arrangements for my car's insurance. I am supposed to have it registered this month.

Fourth, received a call from Smart because the mobile phone unit I won is already available. Dropped by Smart Wireless Center to pick up my Nokia E71. Already informed my friend who is planning to buy the unit. He's so excited, we'll meet after office to pick-up the phone.

Fifth, because of the long weekend, bought some food for the house as the malls/shops, etc. would be closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

On the way home, was caught in traffic. The reason? There was a procession. Thus, stepped off the jeepney and walked my way home. Of course, took images once there. c",)


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