Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stress Test

(Writing this at Burger King, Glorietta...)

Bought this week a Reebok rubber sandals which is on sale. Decided to stress walk it. Planning to use it in our planned Pinatubo trek. Just a half-day walk, some part of the sandal is hurting my "sensitive" feet. LOL

Since I love my first Sanuk sandals, and I am planning to have another one to expand my choices (hehehe!), went to their shop at Glorietta to buy one and wear it immediately. Love it!

Since the movies currently showing is not that exciting, decided to stay at Burger King, my favorite free wifi zone, that is, you should buy food/drinks. Good thing, too! Received the e-mail from my friend who won't be able to attend our camera club's monthly meeting. Would have her images of "pollution" printed...

(Writing this at home...)

Attended the anticipated Mass. Since it is Palm Sunday tomorrow, brought with me palaspas when I want to Ayala Center.

We, then, had our dinner at Super Bowl.


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