Monday, October 31, 2016

Steel Strange

What I miss?  Movies!  LOL

Would have attended the Mass yesterday but I fell asleep.

But first, went to Pet Express to buy food for Tsubasa.  Also paid VISA dollar bill in peso at Banco de Oro-SM Hypermarket.

It's a movie marathon for me.  Max Steel and Doctor Strange (discounted movie tickets).  Had Mongolian lunch before my first movie.

Max befriends Steel, an alien, as his (Max's) abilities surfaces--they need each other for Max not to explode. Zzzzzz.....

Doctor Strange, a brilliant surgeon, loses the use of his hands.  He went to the Far East for a cure but found himself in the middle of magic, sorcerers, etc.  Luv it!  And being a Marvel movie, you should wait for the credits.  I did.  But, learned that there are two scenes in the credit.  Was able to watch only one. Weh!

Bought plastic envelopes at National Bookstore to organize my foreign currencies.  Went to The Landmark to buy Nana's diaper.  Then, proceeded home.


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