Saturday, September 08, 2018

The Nun

Went to SM Megamall because Pacsafe has an event there--up to 70% off plus 20% if item is purchased there.  I was hoping that the CamSafe V18 is available there.  Also, the biggest TourSafe luggage they have.  Both are not available.

To "compensate", had lunch at El Pollo Loco.  Hehe!

Then, was dropped off at Glorietta.  Checking the Sureseats website, I am just about 10 minutes away for the screening of The Nun.  Thus, bought my ticket online and walked/ran to Glorietta 4 Cinemas.

The demonic nun Valak was first introduced in Conjuring 2.  The movie explains how this demon was released.  Whe a young nun was killed herself in Carta Monastery in Romania, the Vatican sent a priest with a haunted past (Father Burke) and a novitiate (Sister Irene) to investigate.

After the movie, went to Pacsafe Flagship Store at Glorietta 5.  Was able to buy a passport holder.  Then just window-shopped until the anticipated Mass.

After the anticipated Mass at Mary Mother of Hope Chapel in The Landmark, had dinner at Bistro Ravioli and bought groceries at The Landmark's supermarket before proceeding home.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

OB/GYN Interpretation

Took a half-day off from office to go to my OB/GYN.  Already made an appointment.

Interpreted the result; although, she noticed my uterus have grown by 1cm.  Will have to take another test after six months to monitor.  Hope it will stop growing.  Scary.

She also provided referral for my sonomammogram/ mammogram on December.

Then, walked my way to Ayala Center to tick-off some items on my shopping list.

Saturday, September 01, 2018


Already made an appointment for today.  My ob/gyn asks that I take the test every 4th to 6th day of my menstruation.

Had lunch first at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf of Eggs Ben.  Then went to Makati Medical Center to wait for my schedule.  Result will also be released today.

Irregular retroverted uterus with multiple myopia
Thin intact endometrium
Normal ovaries

Walked my way to Ayala Center in time for the anticipated Mass at Mary Mother of Hope Chapel in The Landmark.

After the Mass, we had dinner at Gerry's Grill in Greenbelt 3, picked-up the Pacsafe luggage I bought at 20% off, bought groceries at The Landmark's supermarket.

Friday, August 31, 2018


Would take a half-day off from the office in the afternoon as I already made an appointment to my gastroenterologist to interpret the medical lab tests I underwent.  Then, received an SMS that my doctor is available only from 10AM to 12 noon.  Have to step out for I want the results interpreted since I have been worrying since I saw the result.

Took a cab to Makati Medical Center.

She said that my liver has fats.  So she advised that I diet and gave me a vitamin B (GODEX DS capsule) for two months.  And for the kidney, she referred me to a nephrologist.  The doctor she referred has a clinic this afternoon.  Now, I will be able to use my filed leave.  c",)

She also advised to take blood test after six months and full abdomen ultrasound after a year.

Went back to the office, got a referral to the nephrologist, made copy of the lab test results, worked then left around past 1PM.

Took again a cab to Makati Medical Center.  I have me listed before going to Pancake House for my late lunch.  After, bought the medicine given by my lady doctor.  Then, waited.  It's a long wait because his clinic will start at 3:30PM.

And the interpretation?  Nothing to worry about.  As one age, cysts do develop on kidneys.  We just have to monitor its size.  Will take tests for my kidney after six months.

When I learned of the change of schedule of my gastroenterologist, was irritated.  But it was actually a blessing for I was able to get the opinion for my kidney--which kept me worrying since I saw the result.

Jesus answers!

Monday, August 27, 2018

The First Purge

A holiday.  Already made reservation last Saturday for my treatment today.  Will have to be at the mall as soon as it opens.

A bit late when I arrived at KARADA for there were already two patients being treated.

After, had lunch at Bistro Ravioli.  No plan of watching any movie but to buy a towel bar for our bath room.  I know there is no stock for Feca at True Value in Glorietta 1; thus, walked to Greenbelt 5 to go to True Home.  Also, out of stock.

Remembered I saw Feca brand also being sold at Make Room.  Walked back Glorietta 4 and was able to buy one.

I SMSed the driver to pick me up around 3:30PM.  But he is still being used by Kuya.  Thus, decided to watch a movie before the 5PM pick-up.  Bought discounted movie ticket for The First Purge.

A prequel of the Purge series showing when the "purge" or actual cleansing started.  Staten Island will be the venue of the sociological theory that would push the crime rate below one percent.  When what was expected did not occur (for some even had a party), a "push" by the government was planned even before the event.  Well, prefer "Purge" than "Saw".

After, went to Pacsafe Flagship Store at Glorietta 5.  I already have a complete set of their Toursafe EXP series.  Thanks to the fire, all gone.  Bought the EXP21 which is at 30% off.  Will use it when me and my nieces would go to Taiwan next year.  Already bought tickets on promo.  Was also advised there is Pacsafe sale at Megamall on September 6 to 9--items can be up to 70% off.  Left the item at the store and will pick it up on Saturday.

Then, proceeded home.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Test Results

Went to Makati Medical Center to get lab test results.

Lipid Profile
Cholesterol (<201 --="" .03="" 188.26="" dl="" mg="" p="">Triglycerides (<150 --="" .45="" 84.96="" dl="" mg="" p="">HDL Cholesterol (>59.92) -- 71.52 mg/dL
ALDL (<100 --="" .52="" 106.70="" dl="" mg="" p="">VLDL -- 13.17 mg/dL

HbA1c -- 4.96%

5.7-6.4%: Increased risk for diabetes mellitus
Equal to or Greater than 6.5%: May aid in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus

Ultrasound of the Whole Abdomen
Normal visualised pancreas, spleet, right kidney, urinary bladder, aorta.
Hepatic cyst.
Cortical cyst with calcification, left kidney.
Solid uterine nodules, most likely myomata.
S/P cholecystectomy.

Worried about the cyst in my kidney... whenever I see calcification, it might need biopsy.  :-(

Walked to the office to pick-up some items I should have brought home.  Ate lunch at Claudette's on the way.  Then walked to Ayala Center where I shopped/ window-shopped before the anticipated Mass.

Had dinner at Phobac, bought groceries at The Landmark's supermarket before proceeding home.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Lab tests

A holiday and already made an appointment for my full abdomen ultrasound requested by my gastroenterologist.  Fasted.  So has to be at Makati Medical Center around 8AM for the blood extraction then my 11AM ultrasound.

Completed early for the blood extraction.  Have to wait for my appointment.  Have to drink lots of water about 30 minutes before 11AM.

After my tests, finally was able to eat.  Have lunch at Pancake House inside the hospital.  Walked my way to Ayala Center via Dela Rosa elevated walkway.  Just shopped/ window-shopped,