Sunday, February 18, 2018


Our airpot is not working.  Decided to go to the mall and buy one while everything is on sale--hope to avail the discounts.

Rode a jeepney to The Landmark where I plan to buy an airpot at Anson's in The Landmark.  It is 5% off.  Chose the Hanabishi brand (the old one is 3D brand).  Besides, it is P300.00 cheaper than the 3D brand and much much cheaper than the Imarflex brand.  (Note:  Much cheaper to buy at the mall than online.  Hehehe!)

Also bought candies/ chocolates at The Landmark's supermarket.

Since my Civic will be picked-up by Edgar the driver from Honda Makati, asked him to pick me up at Glorietta after to go home with my purchases.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Brought my 2004 Honda Civic to Honda Makati for its preventive maintenance.  Looked around their showroom then proceeded home to get my 2017 Honda HR-V to have it fueled before dropping me off.  Since Nico was supposed to be picked-up at school at 11AM, decided to pick him up, drop him at their home, went to SM Megamall where I plan to buy an extra battery for my Instax SQ10 (it is only here or their branch at SM MOA it is available).  Had lunch at El Pollo Loco at Megamall before purchasing the battery.  Then, was dropped-off at Glorietta.

Really have no plans of watching a movie.  Since there is a display of cars also at Glorietta activity center, acted as if planning to purchase one.  The malls are on sale, thus, bought items on sale.  Luggage tag and hook at True Value, bottled water for Jen (Vanie's sister) at SM Makati.  Looked for sandals that can handle the strain of even getting wet (my favorite Geox sandals has to retire and I don't plan to use the same way the 50% off of Geox sandals I bought yesterday--it's pretty).  Was able to find one--a Skechers sandals.

Attended the anticipated Mass at Mary, Mother of Hope Chapel in The Landmark.  We had dinner at Pancake House.  Bought pastry at Goldilocks in The Landmark's Food Court before going to Adventist Medical Center Manila (formerly known as Manila Sanitarium) to pick-up Vanie who is allowed to go home after her operation last Tuesday--her ovary has a cyst as big as a baby's head.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Lunar Chinese New Year

A holiday.  Decided to go to the mall (for surely there will be lots of sale) and watch a movie.

The mall was still close when I was dropped-off but there is dragon and lion dance in front of Hyatt Hotel at Glorietta.  Watched until the mall opens.

Went to Glorietta 4 Cinemas to buy discounted movie tickets for Marrowbone and Black Panther--a movie marathon!

Since still have time for my first movie, ticked-off items in my list--battery-operated candle, Instax wide film, sandals (to replace my favorite Geox sandals that has to retire), etc.  Had Mongolian lunch at Food Choices and dessert of Baskin Robbins before my first movie.

In "Marrowbone", four siblings take refuge in an old home after their mother died.  With their mother, they left to America to hide from their father, who was known as the "Beast"--a serial killer.  The oldest witnessed against their father.  After their mother died, there seems a sinister habitant living in the house.  Mirrors are covered with cloth--a clue to the twists and turns of the story.

In "Black Panther", T'Challa returns to the isolated, technologically advanced Wakanda (which the world thought to be a third-world country) after his father died.  His succession to the throne is under threat, which also puts the fate of Wakanda and the world at risk.  Like!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

February Birthday Celebrants

As the usual, would treat the February birthday celebrants.  Did not do any celebration last year as there was a lot of things that went on--Nana and Lily's demise, learned that Vangie has a cancer.  Maybe this year, everything would be different.

Just when preparing to leave the house, one of the celebrants called saying she won't be able to join because she is having a hard time to walk.  Too bad.  But we cannot cancel it now, besides the other birthday celebrant will be coming.

Would leave early so that we can buy medicine for Vanie.  She got her result yesterday and the doctor gave her an antibiotic prescription.  There's blood detected in her urine and the pain she's experiencing can be UTI.

Took Uber to SM Mall of Asia.  The mall is decorated for Valentine's as well as the Chinese New Year.  Lots of photo ops.

Tita Leony and Manong was already there.  Since Tita Leony now walks very slowly, SMSed Vangie just to proceed to Burgoo for our lunch.  Also, bought movie tickets online via GMovie.  We are going to watch The Greatest Showman.

Already ordered our food when the birthday celebrant and her husband arrived.  Since Burgoo allows their placemats (of Manila paper) to be written or drawn on since they give crayons, we teased the celebrant's husband to write something on the placemat.  Sweet...  Also, when we are about to finish our meal, Burgoo's staff sang a happy birthday song to the celebrant.

After, walked our way slowly to the cinema.  No need to queue to buy the tickets--queued to wait to get in.  For our senior citizens, they were given a seat while waiting to get inside the cinema.

Story of P.T. Barnum told as a musical and how the Barnum & Bailey Circus began.  What is nice, lyrics are displayed like that of a karaoke whenever there's singing in the scene.  Like!!!

We then parted ways.  Went first to SM Department Store to buy water bottles for my "angels".  This way, they would monitor how many liter of water they are drinking in a day (hope to help the one with UTI).  Supposed to take a taxi after but it rained.  So waited it to stop by having ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.  Got a taxi for Tita Leony and another for us.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Would go to my cardiologist today.  Left the house around 8AM to be listed/ sign-up, pick-up the result of my 2D echo and stress test (TMT), and wait at the doctor's clinic.

Findings: Baseline Echo

Normal left ventricular dimensions with normal wall motion and contractility.  Normal left ventricular ejection fraction of 75% by Teicholz and 72% by Simpson's.  Normal left ventricular mass index of 33 g/m2 and normal relative wall thickness of 0.31.  Normal left atrial dimension with normal left atrial volume index of 11 ml/m2.  Normal right atrial and ventricular dimensions.  Normal main pulmonary artery and aortic root.  Normal proximal ascending aortic dimensions.  Normal mitral valve, aortic valve, tricuspid valve and pulmonic valve.

Color Flow and Dopper Study:  Tricuspid regurgitation, mild.  Normal pulmonary artery pressure by pulmonary acceleration time (144 msec).  Normal left ventricular diastolic function indices.

Baseline ECG:  Left anterior hemiblock;  Poor R wave progression V1 to V3;  Non-specific ST changes.

Treadmill Stress Echo:
1.  No evidence of stress-induced ischemia as shown by uniform hyperkinesia of all left ventricular wall segments immediately post exercise with appropriate decrease in end-systolic volume from 17 to 8.
2.  Patient achieved 82% of predicted maximum heart rate at 10.1 METS at a double product of 170 systolic blood pressure and 159 cardiac rate.
3.  There was mo angina, significant S-T segment shift nor arrhythmia.

My doctor says nothing to worry about.  She says that my ECG will always show something but will have to refer to my TMT result.

Had lunch at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf of Eggs Ben.  Then, walked my way to Ayala Center.  Decided not to watch a movie (will do it tomorrow during my February Birthday celebrants treat).  Instead, ticked-off items on my list:
  • umbrella (replace my defective one)
  • photo album (for my stock)
  • travelling alarm clock (have to check different stores--none what I was hoping)
  • AA/ AAA alkaline batteries
Attended the anticipated Mass and had dinner at Phobac.  Bought groceries at The Landmark, passed by Pet Express before proceeding home.

Sunday, February 04, 2018


Will accompany one of my "angels" at MyHealth Clinic for her to take the (free) annual physical exam using her MyHealth Care Plus card.  We would be commuting--taking the jeepney--so that she would know how to get there and go back home.  One of the benefits of her health card is an unlimited consultation with primary care physician.

Since she is unable to "move", walked our way to McDonald's at Makati Cinema Square.  Maybe she can provide a specimen to complete here tests today.  She was able to have one; so, we walked our way back to MyHealth, submitted the specimen, walked to where we can take a jeepney ride home.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Full Abdomen Ultrasound

Went to Makati Medical Center to get my result for the full abdomen ultrasound:

Simple right hepatic cyst
S/P cholecystectomy
Left renal cortical cyst with milk of calcium
Uterine myomas--increase in number and sizes since Nov 2013 study
Normal biliary tree, visualized pancreas, spleen, right kidney, urinary bladder, right ovary/ adnexa and abdominal aorta. Nonvisualized left ovary.

Impression of liver stiffness:
A Shearwave Elastography score of 4.45 kPA (F0) is indicative of no fibrosis.

Should I be worried?  Have to have my gastroenterologist interpret the result.

Walked my way to Ayala Center which brought me at Conti's for my lunch.  Passed by BratPack where I was able to buy a weekender bag which I will be using for the Vigan Lenten Pilgrimage in March.  Picked-up my vivosmart HR which I have repaired at Garmin Concept Store--the unit was actually replaced.

Window-shopped before attending the anticipated Mass at Mary, Mother of Hope Chapel.  We had dinner at Kaya.