Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Usual Plus

Bought Lutax 20 at Abesamis Eye Care Clinic and walked along Dela Rosa elevated walkway towards Ayala Center.  Had lunch at Tito Pak's (which is along the walkway).

Since I was notified that I can already have my Garmin vivosmart HR+ picked-up, went directly to Garmin Concept Store at Glorietta 5.  My activity tracker was not repaired... it was replaced!  Like new.  c",)

Then, had dessert at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory.  No plan of watching a movie for I might miss the Mass; thus, was able to buy a very small Christmas tree for the condo at Daiso Japan.

Attended the anticipated Mass at Mary Mother of Hope Chapel in The Landmark, dinner at Bistro Ravioli, groceries at The Landmark's supermarket.  Passed by Pet Express before proceeding home.

Oh!  I had my Lazada wallet topped-up first thing today in preparation for the 11-11 promo tomorrow of Lazada.  Hehehe!

Sunday, November 04, 2018


With my niece, went to Glorietta.  I would be having a treatment at KARADA while she will be purchasing additional storage boxes.

At 11:30AM, she picked me up at KARADA and we had lunch at Food Choices.  Then, went to my suki hopefully who can have her bangle with Benedictine Cross medal repaired.  They did.

Then, picked-up her purchases before proceeding home.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Tenant Marathon

First order of the day is to talk to our tenants in our Washington apartment.  Good thing, Kuya decided to join.  He led the discussion.  Hope that I would able to complete my reconcile my records (my records got burned along with our house last June).

Then, was dropped off at Glorietta where I was able to buy discounted movie tickets--I would be watching two (2) movies.  Mongolian lunch first at Food Choices.

In Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, two teenagers inadvertently released Slappy the Dummy causing monsters to be alive on Halloween night.  I think there would be a Goosebumps 3...

Next movie is Bohemian Rhapsody.  It is a a biographical film about the rock band Queen, focusing on lead singer Freddie Mercury's life.  Like!

Have dessert at Tokyo Cheese Milk Factory before proceeding to Mary Mother of Hope Chapel at The Landmark for the anticipated Mass.  We had dinner at Phobac.

Bought groceries at The Landmark Supermarket before proceeding home.

Friday, November 02, 2018

All Souls Day 2018

As planned, would transfer the items I was able to retrieve from the fire to the storage boxes I purchased.  Still lack one storage box--will buy it later while it is still on sale.

After, went back to the condo hoping that my niece was also able to pack her things so we can bring it to the storage room she rented.  Have to waker her up.  I guess, will just put my things instead plus the luggages.

Went to StorageMart at Yakal, Makati to store the items.

Then, went to The Landmark to have lunch at its food court, bought again one dust-/water-proof storage box, then to the sales person (who is absent) to ask where I can buy the cover for the med incline pillow I purchased from them.  Anyway, still decided to go to SM Megamall just in case.

Asked the mall's Information and they cannot pinpoint where if the stall does exist.  Still tried to look around the mall.  Decided to sent a message to Mates Memory Foam Pillows in Instagram.  Just in time, too, for they responded before we are about to leave the mall.  Was able to buy the pillow cover for the med incline pillow and for the other pillow I plan to purchase.  Will purchase another pillow at The Landmark because it is at 10% off.

Bought the pillow, picked-up Lyn at my brother's house and proceeded back to the condo.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

All Saints Day 2018

As usual, will visit my Mommy Cora (my Nanay's eldest sister) and her husband's resting place at Manila Memorial.  Thus, Edgar (with his son, Luis) is already at the condo to pick me up and Lyn around 3:30AM. Edgar is also the one who bought the flowers for me for my Nanay/Tatay and Lola Tinay/Lolo Gil.  Already bought candles a week ago.

Stopped by McDonald's for an early breakfast before proceeding to Sgt. Mariano Cemetery.  This is where my Nanay and Tatay is laid to rest.  Lit some candles, prayed and blessed with holy water.  Unfortunately, Jessie is not yet around (he has the key) so we can leave the flowers.  Lit candles and prayed for Nana and Lily at the cemetery's chapel.  I don't think we would be able to do it at the condo given it would be windy and the fire alarm might be set off.

Went back to the condo and slept.  Will return to Sgt. Mariano Cemetery later with my nephew and nieces.

At 2PM, as agreed, Edgar would be driving my nephew's car who picked us up at the condo, picked-up their mom at Magallanes and proceeded to Sgt. Mariano Cemetery.  Jessie is already there.  My nephew and nieces arranged the flowers, lit candles and prayed.  Went with one of my niece to my Tatay's parents.  Already asked that it be cleaned.  Learned from Jessie that one of my Tatay's brother dropped by (it was Uncle Ramon).

After, went to Pancake House at Magallanes for pagpag before proceeding home.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Walked my way to Ayala Center.

Already have plans for the long weekend next week.  On November 1, we will visit our dearly departed.  On November 2, will pack the items we were able to recover from the fire (cameras, camera accessories, etc.) and store them in the storage locker rented by my niece.  But first, have to buy utility boxes.

Good thing, The Landmark is on sale (often is when nearing the payroll week).  So bought three 50L container at 10% off.  Just when already paid for it, saw a discounted one that is dust proof and water proof--good for my gear.  Thus, sent a message my niece since she also needed storage boxes.  She will buy the three I already bought and I will buy the dust- and water-proof one.  Hehehe!

Paid our electricity bill at Bayad Center in The Landmark, Mongolian lunch at Food Choices in Glorietta 4 and dessert at Tokyo Cheese Milk Factory.  Bought bubble wrap at National Bookstore and silica gel at True Value.

Attended the anticipated Mass.  Then had supper at The Landmark Food Center, bought groceries in its supermarket.

Since the sales lady of Mates Memory Foam informed me they have a store at SM MOA, went there hoping to buy a pillow case for its Med Incline Pillow.  Fake news!  Because I have to walk around looking for it, I reached about 15K steps!

Sunday, October 21, 2018


Hair-pampering day.  Already made an appointment.  At 10AM, already at the Coco Grace Salon.

After, paid Meralco bill of Dolores at The Landmark's Bayad Center.  Had a late lunch at the department store's food center.  Since there is a cosmetic fair (discounts for cosmetics) at The Landmark, bought make-up just in case I decide to attend my aunt's birthday party.

Before proceeding home, called Greenwich pizza to deliver our merienda.  Brought with me my wireless headset "the better to hear with, my dear..."  c",)