Sunday, January 20, 2019

Canon PowerShot SX70 HS

Hair-pampering day.

Then, had a quick lunch at The Landmark Food Center.

Already checked the point-and-shoot yesterday I plan to buy so I can use for our Taiwan trip.  Went to CameraHaus where I got the Canon PowerShot SX70 HS at a discount.  Also bought additional battery.

While at the taxi stand, saw a parade for the Sto. Niño.  Pit Señor!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mary Poppins Returns

Went to Pet Express at SM Mall of Asia hoping that the favourite treats of Tsubasa and Theo is available.  Nope.

Then, went to Medical Tower Makati to buy Lutax 20 at Abesamis Eye Clinic.  Passed by MyHealth hoping that their MyHealth card is already available.  Still not because they are trying to repackage its.

Finally, was dropped off at Glorietta.  Bought discounted movie ticket for Mary Poppins Returns.  Had a quick lunch at Wendy's before my movie.

The magical nanny, Mary Poppins, comes back to help the Banks siblings and Michael's children who are about to lose their house. Like!

After the movie, paid bills, offered Mass for the mother of a friend who recently died.  Attended the anticipated Mass and we had dinner at Phobac.  Bought groceries at The Landmark supermarket before proceeding home.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Last Wednesday, was able to set-up the IP cameras (/ CCTV) at Zamora to use the WiFi modem at Zamora.  Also, created an account for the Corporation so they can view these cameras remotely.  I can also view them using my own account (because I do now want to share my account for they would be able to view the IP camera in my condo).

Also, luv my new Pacsafe bag.  Even if the same items were packed in this new bag with my other Pacsafe bag, it is light!!!  Been conscious of the things I carry.. thanks to my cervical strain.

Even with filled-up water bottle, the bag is still light.  But unfortunately, there is only one pocket for either an umbrella or a water bottle.  So looked for a small umbrella which I can put inside the bag instead.

Attended the anticipated Mass, supper at Phobac, groceries at The Landmark before proceeding home.

Sunday, January 06, 2019


I would be installing the IP cameras.  I have already set them up so I can view remotely.  It is just a matter of mounting them.

So, Edgar, the driver, picked me up to go to Zamora.  Would have wanted to set-up them up that the cameras would also be able to use the mobile WiFi modem at Zamora; but, I am unable to put on a load.  Hmm... will do it on a weekday when I will be able to load them up.

Since I am already outside, decided to buy things I wasn't able to yesterday.  So went first to Pet Express and SM Hypermarket.  Then, we went to The Landmark where we (Edgar, his son Luis and me) can have our lunch at the food court.  After eating, told them to wait for me at the food court as I breeze through the items I would be buying.

a) Vitamin B at Healthy Options
b) Travel toiletries bag at Beabi
c) Bag at Pacsafe Flagship Store


Saturday, January 05, 2019

IP Camera

Because of what happened last Thursday, decided to buy IP cameras (as CCTV) from Lazada and have it installed at Zamora (where my cars are parked, and the driver is living with his family).  In case something untoward happens (hopefully, not), it will be recorded.  Thanks to "that woman" whose mother also happens to have a mangkukulam as a friend.  How come it takes too long for the karma?

But my uncle was asking why it is needed, so I have to go there and explain (indirectly) and show where the cameras will be installed.  He instructed his staff to ready the site where the cameras will be installed.  Thank you po!

Then, was dropped of at Greenbelt where I would be having my late lunch at Conti's.  Then, walked my way to Glorietta where I did some window-shopping while waiting for the anticipated Mass.

Attended the anticipated Mass at Mary, Mother of Hope Chapel at The Landmark, we had dinner at Pancake House, bought groceries at The Landmark supermarket before proceeding home.

And good news... the IP camera arrived.  That was fast!  That means, I would be installing it tomorrow.  Time is of the essence.  It pays to be prepared for one cannot know what might happen.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Last Day Of The Year

Already "booked" Edgar, the driver.  Will have lots to tick-off before tonight's festivity.

My niece Pam would be going with me for some of her errands.  The mall I am going to would be open by 10AM, hers would be at 11AM.

Left the condo around 10AM as agreed.

1)  Paid Meralco bill at The Landmark's Bayad Center.
2)  Bought cake (with "Happy 2019!" written on it) plus other round goodies like polvoron, macaroons, puto at Goldilocks in The Landmark Food Center.
3)  Bought a basket of thirteen (13) fruits at SM Makati.

Since we are already at SM, my niece bought a backpack at Forever 21 to replace her broken one.

Glorietta is still close (it will open at 11AM), so we passed on the side of the mall to go back to The Landmark on our way to Greenbelt 5.  Gave instructions to Edgar to wait for us at the food court; but, he would buy the food I would be giving to Sintaro and the guard watching our property in Pasay.

In time, too, that by the time we reached Greenbelt 5, the mall is already open.

With all the drama regarding the driver with my Kuya and his second wife, I thought they would not be needing him today.  Well, they did.  Advised my Kuya via SMS that Edgar should be with me by 2PM because we have to be at Emerald Garden Restaurant by 3PM to pick-up my order--our food for our media noche.  Said restaurant will be closed by 5PM for food pick-up,

My brother and I are sharing in paying the driver's salary.  Actually, they use the driver more than me.  I feel sorry how they treat him considering the loyalty he has shown specially when our house in Pasay was burned.  Advised him that I would be getting him by March (Edgar tendered his resignation until the school ends) and have him drive for me (with my nieces) only.  Thanks to the monster-in-law who has my brother in her tiny finger.  Oh!  And whose mother has a mangkukulam for a friend.  Me getting Edgar as driver did not suit my Kuya.  It's my decision.  According to his wife, they have money and they can get helpers anytime.  So I am sure they have money to get a driver.  Their last helper left after two days being with them.  Hehehe!

Back.  Went to Tempur because I wanted to buy their travel pillow.  It is on a 10% discount.  Then, we went to the salon my niece would be going to while I would be doing some window-shopping as my list is complete.

Oops.. She did not make an appointment.  She can only be serviced at 12:30PM.  Thus, had an early lunch instead at Bulgogi Brothers.  After lunch, we parted ways.

Was already at Glorietta doing my "thing" when she called that she is done.  That was fast!  It was actually 10 minutes or so?  We thought it would take her about an hour.  So, bought other things like socks and a box to store my socks.

Edgar TXTed that he is on his way back.  We went back to Greenbelt to buy a 31% Baskin Robbins ice cream.  But we first stopped at Pablo because I wanted to try this new store.  According to Pam, Pablo is also from Japan.  The cream tart is very good!

Like clockwork, we were at Emerald Garden Restaurant a few minutes before 3PM.  My order is already there: Yang Chow fried rice, crispy fried chicken, birthday noodles, sweet and sour pork, shrimp salad, crab foo yong.  I also ordered a small size of sweet and sour pork, and beef with broccoli for Edgar.

While waiting for 12 midnight, Pam and I were playing Nintendo Switch, a gift by her boss to her.  Nice!

A blessed 2019 to all of us!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2018


Finally, received the items I purchased via Lazada that I have been waiting for.  All for of them.  Uratex cervical pillow, Uratex neck pillow, Uratex bed topper and a lie prone pillow.  Was waiting for the cervical pillow hoping this will help with my neck (strain).

Since the size of the cervical pillow is not the regular one, will go to the Mates kiosk at SM Megamall to buy pillow cover for it.  My niece is also going to Megamall to meet a friend.  Thus, she went with us.

She went with me to the Mates kiosk.  Then, we went to Starbucks where she bought me a frappe.  Yes!  She will stay there while waiting for her friend who is arriving late.  I passed by St. Paul's and Pet Express before proceeding to Glorietta where I was dropped off.

Bought a discounted movie ticket for Aurora 3PM screening.  Had lunch Mongolian lunch at Food Choices.  Wanted to buy convertible pants to replace the ones that were burned.  These are the pants I usually bring when I travel.

Walked to Greenbelt 5 to go to Columbia.  The store does not have a sign that it is on sale.  But it is!  Was only able to buy two (2) pants in my size at 20% off.  Even if I am not supposed to, bought a waterproof rubber/ hiking shoes at 50% off.  My temporary member card was replaced with a permanent one; thus, I would be able to purchase regular priced items at 10% off.  To top it, was able to get a free shirt with my purchases.  Yeah!

Left my purchases at The Landmark's package counter.

"Aurora" won 2nd Best Picture during the Metro Manila Film Festival 2019 Awards Night.  Curious.  I always knew that "Rainbow Sunset" would be the hands-down Best Picture winner and would most likely get most of the festival's awards.

When a ship crashed in their hometown's rocky shores, a girl is set to find the bodies of the dead passengers.  Not scary.

Attended the anticipated Mass and we had dinner at Rico's Cebu Lechon at the Top of the Glo.

Bought groceries at The Landmark Supermarket before proceeding home.  My brother was at Makati Medical Center's Emergency Room.  Supposedly he would be there overnight.  He was released instead and was advised to check first with his neurologist and endocrinologist.