Sunday, November 19, 2017


Before I left the house for my treatment, the replacement for my "angel" arrived.  Nerry has to leave because her children needs her.

Was early, thus, stayed at Mercury Drug while waiting for the mall to open.

Went to KARADA for my treatment.  I already brought with me warm water.

After my treatment, went to General Photo to have pictures developed.  It is pictures during my birthday celebration where Nerry is included in the photo.  Will serve as her souvenir.  It will only take 30 minutes.

Will buy Vany, my new "angel" a flashlight and whistle for emergency.  Went to The Landmark for the whistle and Ace Hardware for the rechargeable flashlight.  Blade for the face mask.  Had Mongolian for lunch at Food Choices.  Picked-up my photos.  Bought one small bilao of pancit luglug at Razon's and one bucket Chickenjoy for our merienda at home.  Then, proceeded home.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Justice League

Walked my way to Ayala Center.  Did not time myself as I don't want to be sweating and tired.  Already purchased a movie ticket using my mPass via GMovies mobile application.

Thus, as soon as arrived, had my movie ticket printed, ate lunch at Wendy's, made reservation at KARADA for my treatment tomorrow.

Back to my movie.

With the death of Superman, Batman, with the help of a new found ally, Wonder Woman, must recruit a team of metahumans to stand against a new threat.  The team would be forming the Justice League--Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash.  The movie incorporated humor, with Flash at the forefront for this.  Although the other characters also did their share.

After the movie, went to Mail Station to slow mail before proceeding to Glorietta 5 for the anticipated Mass.  We had dinner at Gerry's Grill, bought groceries at The Landmark before proceeding home.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Don't know how to drive using automatic transmission.  And I wanted to drive the new car I am planning to buy.  No intention of learning using the new car.  Thus, decided to take a refresher course.

Will take lessons from the driving school I learned how to drive.

Before, I studied at A1; but, I am not satisfied with what I learned.  So, took a course at Socialites.  And I am satisfied.  I learned the three types of hanging and I decided where I am comfortable.  Was taught three types of parking.  They also offer actual classroom lecture.  Thus, for a refresher course (but using automatic transmission), will take it at Socialites.

After breakfast, took a tricycle to Cartimar Shopping Center to enroll at Socialites.  First lesson will be two weeks from now.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Decided to get a new car (before this Administration implements the excise tax).  My Honda Civic is already 13 years old.  Was thinking of taking the Honda HR-V but my preferred color (red) is not available.  It is either Lunar Silver or Morpho Blue.

So, went to Honda Makati to see these colors.  Decided to take the Lunar Silver.

Then, stopped by the small store where I bought the Madonna and Child Christmas decor--will have the lights replaced.

My brisk walk from Rufino to The Landmark is 9:33 min/km pace walk.  Bought Christmas gift, gave it embroidered at Made for U (picking-up the other items I already have embroidered), went back to The Landmark to leave the items in the package counter and also have lunch at its food court.  For dessert, went to Baskin Robbins.  There is something wrong with the air-conditioner of Glorietta.

I wanted to buy a rosary specifically for the car.  Able to buy one at Guadalupe.  Was hoping to have it blessed after the anticipated Mass.

Just window-shopped--no plans of watching a movie.

Attended the anticipated Mass--told no one I wanted to have my new rosary blessed.  After the Mass, was not sure whether to approach the priest or leave.  Then, one of those who assist in the Mass approached me and asked "Hindi ba magpapa-bless ka kay Father?  Punta ka na dun."  (Translation:  Don't you have something to be blessed by the priest?  Go approach him.)  How did she know?  So, my new rosary was blessed by Fr. Ike.

Had my dinner at Phobac, bought walnuts at Rustan's, groceries at The Landmark before proceeding home.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

The Ghost Bride

Went to Honda Makati.  Was thinking of replacing my Honda Civic that has been with me for 13 years.  Will have to consider where I can save on my purchase--from my company or through in-house financing of Honda.

Then, was dropped off at Glorietta.  Was thinking of watching a movie.  But have to put on hold if I would be able to get a resource from the office, specifically, a DBA.  If yes, would have to go to the office.  Sent an SMS for the request.  While waiting for the reply, had a Mongolian lunch at Food Choices.  Got the reply after I finished my lunch--no available resource.  Yes!  Now will watch that movie.

Bought a discounted movie for The Ghost Bride.  Then, had dessert at Baskin Robbins.  Bought a case at Daiso Japan, eyeglass cases (on sale) at a'postrophe for my stock.

Mayen, after being heartbroken and her family in a financial quandary, agreed to be a ghost bride when offered by a Chinese matchmaker.  Unknown to her, being a ghost bride is not simply offering prayers to a man who died a bachelor, which the matchmaker makes her to believe, because her groom is a ghost who collects spirits.  Not scary but at least it has a story.

Attended the anticipated Mass, we had dinner at Luk Yuen, bought groceries at The Landmark before proceeding home.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

All Saints Day

The usual, left the house around 4AM (with Lyn and driver Edgar) to go to Manila Memorial Park to visit my Nanay's oldest sister, Mommy Cora, and her husband Uncle Terry.  Uncle Tommy also is buried at Manila Memorial Park but I don't know where it is.  What I remember is after the bridge, turn right.  That's it.  Thus, everytime we cross the bridge inside the Park while on the way home, just "greet" him from the car.

After a short prayer and sprinkled holy water on their tombs, left on the way to Sgt. Mariano Cemetery.  Stopped first at McDonald's along the way for a very early breakfast.

Spent some time there, waiting for the rain to stop and for a few rays of light (so that we don't need to use a flashlight while at Sgt. Mariano Cemetery.

There's a few inches of water infront of my Nanay's and Tatay's tomb.  Good thing we have an advance information about this; thus, was wearing rain boots.  Left the flower, prayed, sprinkled holy water on their tombs and lit some candles.  I am sure, after we leave, the candles will be gone/snatched.  Will be back again by 2PM.

As soon as I arrived home, slept.  Woke up around 11AM.  Had lunch and around 2PM, left again for Sgt. Mariano Cemetery.  This time, Nerry is with me.  My niece Camille was supposed to join; but, she begged off.

Jessie was already there.  Saw that the flowers I brought earlier for my parents were already placed on their tomb.  Said prayers, sprinkled holy water on their tombs and lit some candles.  Then, went to my Tatay's parents' tomb. Put flowers, lit candles, said prayers for them and sprinkled water on their tombs, too.

For pagpag, went to The Landmark.  Will have merienda at the department store's food court.  The reason I chose The Landmark for the pagpag, will buy a gift for my inaanak who happens to have her birthday today.  After our merienda, replaced the battery of my car's remote and also bought rain boots for Nerry (she was using Lyn's).  Then, proceeded home.

Around 6PM, we lit some candles at home.  This is for my "angels" dearly departed.  Also lit a candle for Nana and for Lily.  We prayed the rosary for them.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Bad Genius

My third anti-rabies shot.  Went to MyHealth for this.

Then, was dropped-off at Greenbelt 1.  Received an SMS that Sun Cellular now offers LTE, and SIM swap for LTE would be free.  Was thinking that I would be able to swap my broadband SIM.  Nah!  The LTE SIM is only for the regular SIM (call, text).  They have no plans of upgrading their broadband SIM to LTE because they are pushing for the Smart LTE broadband (which has no unlimited data plan).  Since I was already there, still have my regular SIM swapped for LTE-capable SIM.

Walked my way to Glorietta.  Plan to watch Bad Genius.  It got good reviews.  Bought the ticket, loaded-up my mPass, Mongolian lunch at Food Choices, and dessert at Baskin Robbins.  Note to self: Buy a fresh pack ice cream before going home to avail of the 31% discount.

Since I still have time, went to Glorietta 5 to check the sale items at Pacsafe Flagship Store.  Bought a pocketable parka at Uniqlo.

Back to my movie.

Lyn, a genius high school student earns money by cheating tests.  Then, it goes to international level. Unique heist movie.

Bought the fresh pack ice cream at 31% discount, passed by Pet Express, before proceeding home.