Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Laboratory Results

Retrieved online the result of the medical tests I took yesterday.  Everything is normal (thank God!) except for...

Trace of blood in the routine urinalysis (but there is no RBC)

My HbA1c is 4.86.  Yes!  No diabetes.

Already set a teleconsultation with my gastroenterologist tomorrow. 😊

Monday, August 10, 2020

Laboratory Tests

We were back to the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) last August 4.  Somehow, wanted to take the laboratory tests for January and February requested by my doctors.  I already knew about the novel #coronavirus then and I am uneasy to go to the hospital to take those tests.

Since everyday we learn something knew about the virus, facilities are putting extra effort to be safe and people are asked to wash hands often, physical distance and wear face covering.  Thus, decided to take the tests today and took my leave.  Already got the LOA from the HMO based in our office, inquired from Makati Medical Center (MMC) regarding the procedure for teleconsulting, etc.

I have to do fasting; thus, I have to be at MMC at least 30 minutes before 9:25AM.  I am wearing surgical mask, a Cambridge N99 face mask and a face shield.  I am also wearing on my neck the Stay Fresh! personal air purifier, and tied to my bag is the ionMi air purifier (there no such thing as too much protection.  Hehehe!)  I have already filled-up the Online Screening Form and showed it to the guard.  My temperature was taken (similar to the ones in the airport).  Proceeded immediately to the Nuclear Medicine.  Everything was processed quickly.

My problem now is how to provide a specimen for the urinalysis.  I do not want to remove my face masks to drink.  So left the hospital and looked for a place outside where I can drink lots of water.  Went back again to catch some specimen and submit it to the laboratory for analysis.

Before walking back home, stopped at SaladStop! to buy salad-to-go.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Case Logic

Last working day for the week.  Decided to go to SM Mall of Asia (MOA) to buy the laptop sleeve for my 14-inch Asus laptop.  I liked very much the laptop sleeve I bought at Case Logic for my 13-inch Asus laptop.  The free laptop sleeve I got for the 14-inch is actually for a 15-inch laptop.  Tsk!  Tsk!

Went immediately at MOA's Cyberzone and bought the laptop sleeve.  It is still on sale!  #ThumbsUp

Decided to also buy a Logitech bluetooth mouse without a dongle.  Was able to buy one at CompLink.

Since I am already at MOA, went to St. Paul's.  Wanted to buy the St. Benedict's Holding Cross.  Somehow, every time I drop by at the store once the quarantine slowly eased, it is always close.  But not this time.  Was able to buy one!  Thank you.  Now, I don't need to go to their SM Megamall branch.

Left and went to SM Hypermarket along SLEX to buy the meryenda ng bayan before proceeding home.  Hehe!

Saturday, July 11, 2020


Was thinking of buying a smaller sized laptop.  The netbook I have is so slooooooowwwwwwww.   I leave my 14-inch laptop at the office during weekdays that I have to make do with my netbook.

Been searching for a store where the 13-inch Asus laptop is available.  Learned that one is available in Villman Computer at SM Mall of Asia.  It is on sale and I would get further discount if I paid in cash.  The latter it would be.

So called Edgar, the driver, to pick me up.  I thought it would just be a quick come-and-go.  It took a long time to set-up the MS Office which I also bought with the laptop.  The Asus VivoBook S13 does not have a webcam, so bought a Logitech C925e webcam.  Might be a bit inconvenient but having no camera on your laptop is a sort of security.

While waiting for the MS Office to be set-up, went to the other stores.  Was able to buy a Logitech Pebble wireless mouse at Electroworld and laptop sleeve (on sale) at Case Logic.

After, went to The Aristocrat to buy food-to-go before proceeding home.

Saturday, July 04, 2020


Already had an appointment with my lady dentist.  They modified their clinic to adjust to the requirements of IATF in order for them to operate.  Some of their batchmates still refuses to open their clinic; thus, they refer their patients to my dentist.

Learned from my dentist is to use hydrogen peroxide 10 volumes (one part hydrogen peroxide, two parts water) for gargling once a day, preferably before you sleep.  This actually kills viruses that is in your mouth.  A good tip to fight #coronavirus .  It is easier to fight the #SARS_CoV_2 outside than inside the body.

What I usually do, arriving home from the office, aside from the usual sterilizing/ sanitizing, I gargle with Oracare in hope to kill the virus that is still in my mouth.  This time, I would use the hydrogen peroxide solution.

Since I asked Edgar, the driver, to park at Waltermart after dropping me off, walked my way to said mall after my appointment with my dentist.  But first, bought the Rhea hydrogen peroxide (the red one) at Mercury Drug, which is in the same building as my dentist's clinic.

Went straight to Pancake House at Waltermart to buy food-to-go.  Asked Edgar to go there, too.  Advised the waiter to give my order to Edgar once it is ready.  I would look for a bottle spray (I can use the undiluted hydrogen peroxide to sterilize) and another container to but my hydrogen peroxide solution.  Was able to buy the container, a water bottle, at Miniso.

Since beabi sells various items for travel use, decided to go to Glorietta and check if it has a spray bottle.  Also not available.

Then, proceeded home.


Our office have us take the RTK test once a month.  An officemate who took the test last week was positive of anti-bodies (IGg).  The following day, he/ she took the swab (PCR) test.  His/ her result came out Monday and he/ she is positive for COVID-19.  Thus, our group has to be split; that is, half the group would be on-site and the other half would be working from home for five (5) days.  Then, the group will swap.  Thus, from Wednesday to next Tuesday, I would be on-site.  I would be working from home next Wednesday to next, next Tuesday.


Yesterday afternoon, noticed that one of my fingers have a bruise.  Showed it to my niece when I arrived home.  She is the one who noticed that I have swollen fingers.  Uh-oh!  It could be diabetes or kidney disease.  That caused me to worry. Searching the internet, it says if the swelling does not subside after three days, I have to go to the doctor.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is kinda scary to go.  Every Friday, I only take bread and water.  Could this be the cause?  Could your sugar spike even if you do not have diabetes?

Saturday, June 27, 2020


Because of the easing of the quarantine, some businesses are opening again.  Scheduled maintenance of my cars is either past due or due for the month.  So, made appointments.

June 13, I have already made an appointment at Toyota Manila Bay for the preventive maintenance of my Toyota Avanza.  My service advisor is not available as he is stranded in Canada.  Settled my bill and left.  Edgar, the driver, will pick it up later.  Since I am already in the area, decided to go to SM Mall of Asia.  I have been toying with an idea of buying a personal laptop which is faster than my Asus netbook.  Was able to buy one (an Asus laptop) at Octagon Computer Superstore.  Will leave my new personal laptop at the office (bring it home every weekend) as my office-issued laptop is left at home.  Why?  I won't be bringing my office-issued laptop everyday as I use my office desktop in the office.  It is convenient to use messaging applications (both personal and official) using my personal laptop.  And in case the government declares a heavier category of quarantine, I can easily work from home.  Went to St. Paul's for I plan to buy the Holding Cross.  The store is closed.  Was planning to buy food-to-go at The Aristocrat but their branch at MOA is also closed.  So went to their main branch instead.

June 20 is an appointment at Ziebart for my Toyota Avanza.  Settled my bill and left.  Edgar, again, will pick-up the car later.  We would be going to Tita Norma to drop of my early Christmas gift to her.  Tita Josie already received hers months earlier.  It is a personal air purifier that emits negative ions.  It is an additional protection against SARS-CoV-2 virus.  Better that she have it today and use it already instead on December.  Waze helped locate her residence.  After, passed by SM Mall of Asia to buy food-to-go at Max's.

Today, I have an appointment at Honda Makati for the preventive maintenance of my Honda HR-V.  My service advisor is also not available  as they are on shifting schedule--for physical distancing.  Settled my bill and left.  Edgar will pick-up the car later.  This time, I will be going to Glorietta (my favorite mall!) and The Landmark.  My purchases include ink for my printer, measuring glass and spoon, kitchen knife, knife sharpener and water bottle.  There were very few people.  Some stores are still closed.  I wonder how these stores earn...  COVID-19, indeed, has a very big impact as it disrupted people's lives.  And, it was fast shopping for me--I come then go.  It is a lot safer to be outside than inside a building.  If I were to take a public transport, I would choose a non-airconditioned bus than an airconditioned one.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Am back!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is really nothing much to write about given that we are stuck at home, hoping that we would not catch the #coronavirus.

Even without an office-issued laptop, was able to do work from home.  But it was arranged that we all have one.  So, when I was advised that it is already available, walked my way to the office last April 29.  Took me about 30 minutes.  It was nice going out and getting all that vitamin D.  There are very few people on the street and I made sure there is at least one (1) meter distance apart.

Going inside the office building, there is a disinfecting mat, your temperature is taken and hands sprayed with alcohol.  There is also a limit in the number of passengers in the elevator.

The laptop is there but my VPN credentials is not yet ready.  Decided to leave the laptop and will pick it up again once everything is a-OK.  Walked home again.

Around May 5, the VPN credentials are available and I would be picking-up the laptop.  Walked again.  It took sometime to set it up and decided to clean-up my office e-mail as the inbox is full.  This is to make full use of the office-issued laptop at home.  Good thing my friend is also in the office that he decided to drop me off on his way home.  At least, I won't be walking with the laptop.

The policy of working from home is changing depending on the category of the quarantine being declared by the government.  First, make sure that at least 20% of your people is reporting in the office.  Then, people is grouped to alternate reporting in the office for one week.  Finally, everyone is already reporting in the office.

Controls put in place are:
a)  Acrylic put on the tables to separate employees.
b)  Masks and face shield were provided.
c)  Vitamin C with Zinc is provided for frontline employees.
d)  You can already eat at your desk instead of the pantry.
e)  Temperature is taken twice a day.
f)  Meetings are through conference calls/ video conference calls.
g)  Avail of shuttle.
h)  Rapid test kit.
i)  You can order food from office canteen and have it delivered.

And for my personal controls against COVID-19, I have my personal (necklace) air purifier that emits plasma, table top air purifier with HEPA filter, a table top air purifier that also emits plasma, and a UV-C sterilization box.