Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Quarantined Birthday

It is my niece's birthday.   My other niece ordered a small cake yesterday and was delivered same day.  It is supposed to be a surprise; but  given the circumstances, the birthday celebrant already knows she has a birthday cake.  Hehehe!

So 12 midnight last night, my niece and I sang a birthday song with only a candle as we went out the bedroom.  Why?  Because the birthday celebrant is in the living room area and we cannot get the cake from the refrigerator without alerting her of our "surprise".  She was actually laughing because she has to blow the candle without the cake.  😄

Today, I ordered at Amber's for her small celebration.  Had it delivered around 3PM.  We have the original pancit malabon, pork barbecue and lumpiang Shanghai.  Their pichi-pichi is not available.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Groceries While Under Enhanced Community Quarantine

My niece bought incorrectly the count of washable face masks.  Thus, she gave one of us a pack of seven (7) face masks.  I already have face masks which I love wearing due to the COVID-19 scare.

1) Beat Basic anti-dust face mouth cover mask respirator.  Liked it so much that I ordered another coloured plain black.  The fact that it would be hard for you to breath if you are too physically active means to me it can filter much smaller particles.

2) Tickles face mask.

Walked to SM Hypermarket but stopped first at the lobby to have a chat with our condominium's guard.  Gave them face masks each.

While queueing to enter the supermarket, three girls without face masks joined the queue where one of them spit on the ground.  And I told them off (the reason I described them as girls instead of ladies).  Then, they followed me not observing the one (1) meter distance.  Pointed the tag of my shoulder back which states "DISTANCE please".  At least, they understood.

Called Edgar that I am already on queue.  He said the police at the checkpoint stopped him but allowed him to proceed.  The supermarket is limiting the people inside to ensure social distancing.  Even the queueing at the cashier, social distancing is observed.  Gave one face mask to the guard who just has a bandana/ scarf to cover his nose/ mouth.  Also gave one face mask to the lady guard inside the supermarket.

While Edgar is having our purchases boxed, queued at Watsons to buy multivitamins for Lyn.  Also withdrew at the ATM to have money on hand, just in case.  We then proceeded to Petron for the PhP2.00 off per liter on weekends, before proceeding home.

Since I am used at attending the anticipated Mass, heard the anticipated Mass online.


Monday, March 16, 2020

Enhanced Community Quarantine

Was able to go to the office.  There were actually few cars on the road.  The fast-food only allows delivery and take-out, which I did (the latter) for my lunch.

There were already rumours that there will be an announcement again.  And we were told that we can go home at 4PM.

True, that night, enhanced community quarantine was declared for Metro Manila.


Saturday, March 14, 2020


Would have to buy which I think we could store for the quarantine.

Went first to StorageMart to store some items.

 Then, filled-up my Avanza with gas at Petron which is at PhP2.00 off per liter.  Usually do this on weekends for the discount.

Since my niece said she saw a Prescription i/d at Dogs and The City at BGC, went there.  It is actually Prescription d/d, so did not buy it.  Went to the veterinarian of my niece's dog, bought an alternate brand instead.

Went to Goldilocks to buy Pinoydeli for our stock (plus Edgar plus Sintaro).

We then went to The Landmark where we had our lunch at their Food Center.  Then, decided to do some groceries, again.  Will also buy some canned goods stock for Edgar and for Sintaro.  There were a lot of people that I left Edgar to queue.  Told him to call me if he is already near the cashier.

Was able to buy items at its department store, then to National Bookstore.  Wanted to put a tag on my bag to say "DISTANCE please".  Also bought a non-stick frying pan.

After paying for the groceries, asked Edgar to bring it home and pick me up later.

It was a short window shopping (there are really few people with most of the people at supermarkets).  Then Lyn, another of my "angel" called and informed me that Vanie's sickness is measles.  Uh-oh!  Whether because of this or the COVID-19 scare, when I took my temperature (I always bring Chicco thermometer with me) I think it reached 38 C.

Decided to go to Patients First.  The number of patients are manageable (although I was there for quite some time) and all are wearing masks.  Good!  Was seated far away just in case.  My vitals are all normal:  blood pressure, temperature.  Was just asked to monitor.

Then, went home.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Community Quarantine

When I woke up, my "angel" Vanie told me she has rashes.  Actually it seems even her face is red and so are her eyes.  It could either be measles (most likely) or chicken pox.  She has to go back home to Tanay before the lockdown.  Stress..  Stress.. I don't know if I already had the measles.

Again, the rumour persists.  Even my nieces are busy listing items they would be buying.  My niece who is still at Rockwell and has her own car is assigned to buy the items.  While my niece at the condo is taking pictures of the items to buy and sharing it in our Viber group.

As for me, went to the mall again after office.  This time it is for the medicines.

Queued up at Mercury Drug in The Landmark where  I bought Biogesic, Bioflu and Nafarin.  Bought for us and for Edgar the driver.  Went to Healthy Options to buy my stock of vitamins (B-complex, D3, E and fish oil).  Then, to True Value for rechargeable AAA battery.

That night, Duterte did announce Community Quarantine for Metro Manila effective March 15, 2020 midnight.

Wrong move.  For people would try to leave.  This is a similar scenario in Wuhan, China where people were still allowed to go to their provinces for the February 2020 Chinese New Year before declaring a lockdown.  The SARS COV 2 virus/ COVID-19 disease has been detected November 2019 and slowly infecting people and a cover-up.


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Impending Lockdown

There were already rumours circulating that lockdown will be declared in order to "flatten the curve" of the COVID-19 disease.

Thus, after office, went to The Landmark Supermarket to buy items I can store in case this happens.  If we were still staying in our old house, I would have bought boxes.  LOL  Unfortunately, have to consider the size of my condo unit.  Thus, canned good, noodles, alcohol (limited to four), etc.

I liked the face mask I bought at Tickles that I bought another one to use it alternately.

Monday, March 09, 2020

Sharp FP-J30E

Something has been nagging me.  Keep of thinking of buying an air purifier that emits negative ions which can handle the size of my condo.  I have one (placed in the kitchen/ dining/ living room area) but I think it is too small.  We have one in the bedroom (we are using my niece's Dyson Pure Cool Me purifier, which is a gift to her).  Read that the plasma wave technology which was used in the hospital lowered the number of infection among patients.  And Sharp's air purifier provides such technology.

Wanted the Sharp FP-J30E for it can handle 23 sq.m.  My current one can only handle 15 sq.m. and I don't think it is enough.  The Sharp air purifier is out of stock in online stores.

After office, went to Glorietta.  Went to different appliance stores to canvass.  One store is cheaper than the price online but is not available.  I can pay it now and pick the item on Friday.  The rest of the stores have the same price as the online store.

Went back to Abenson for it.  When I said I will pay in advance, learned that their stock has arrived that day but they have not yet updated their inventory list.  Isn't that lucky?

Brought it home with me and immediately set it up upon arriving home.  Packed the small one and will give it to my sister-in-law for her use.

N.B. Maybe my "angel" is the one nagging at me?  I don't know.  But this SARS COV 2 virus/ COVID-19 disease is nothing to laugh about.