Saturday, December 14, 2019

Ceramic Black

I had my Honda HR-V maintained (rustproof, ceramic, etc.) at Ziebart last Wednesday.  Will go to pay for the service.  Learned that it is already available for pick-up.  Paid for the services.  Edgar will pick the car up after dropping me off.

Walked my way to Ayala Center via the Dela Rosa elevated walkway.  Time to tick-off items from my Christmas list.  Will watch a movie, too.

Bought a discounted movie ticket for Black Christmas.  Had lunch at Wendy's before my movie.

Since I still have time, will buy Christmas gifts.

First is at National Bookstore where I bought the year 2020 copy of Didache for me, Christmas cards (money enclosure is not available) and Christmas gift tag (wanted the message "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy holidays" nor "Season's greetings".)

Next is at Kamiseta where I was able to buy gifts for my "angels".  Also at Bench where I was able to buy a gift for Edgar the driver.

Left my purchases at The Landmark's package counter for me to be comfortable while I watch my movie.

"Black Christmas" is about a group of sorority sisters who become targeted by an unknown stalker.  Hohum....

Then, went to Gaea to pick-up the Lucky 16 bracelet I bought and had restranded.  Stopped at Food Choices to wear my new bracelet.  Hehehe!

Went back to The Landmark to buy more Christmas gifts, Christmas gift tags, and Christmas bag (the easier for me to "wrap" my gifts).  Left my additional purchases at the store's package counter.

Attended the anticipated Mass, we had dinner at Food Choices (where my niece dropped by), bought groceries at The Landmark Supermarket.

Passed-by Makati Cinema Square to buy at 5D Dimension Crystal, claimed my Jollibee items using the BPI vouchers I earned.  Then, proceeded home.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Jumanji Maintenance

Already made an appointment.  Edgar, the driver, already brought my Honda HR-V to Honda Makati even before it's 9:30AM appointment.  My service advisor would already know what to do since he would be seeing the car there.

Around 9AM, Edgar is back to pick me up (after bringing my niece to Araneta).  But first, stopped at the Administration office. Gave my gifts which will be used as raffle prices for the Christmas party of the staff, guards and janitor on December 13.  Gave three (3) TV Plus Go with USB micro to USB-C converter in case the one who wins the item already uses USB-C for his/ her mobile phone.

When I reached Honda Makati, all the paper works have been completed, I just have to pay for it so that Edgar will be able to pick-up the car without hassle.  Gave my simple Christmas gift to my service advisor.

I then was dropped-off at Glorietta.  Would be watching a movie and, at least, tick-off some items in my Christmas list.  I had lunch at The Landmark food center, bought discounted movie ticket for Jumanji: The Next Level, milk tea at Seneritea, looked for eyeglass case to replace my defective one (was able to find one at a'postrophe), checked Gaea if the bracelet I have restranded is already available (it is).

For my Christmas list, went to Stradivarius where I bought a gift for Nica.  Onto Bench for gifts for Nico and Nica.  In Uniqlo, bought a gift for Nico.  That's two names off my list.  Checked Kamiseta and Bayo looking for gifts for "angels".

Back to my movie.  The team is back in Jumanji, with additional characters and additional challenges.  When they thought they would just be doing the adventures they did previously, they were dead wrong.  What I loved in the "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" is still here.  The actors of the video game characters acting as if the character of the teenagers.  Luv it! 👍

Attended the anticipated Mass at Mary Mother of Hope Chapel in The Landmark, we had dinner at Luk Yuen, bought groceries at The Landmark supermarket, availed my BPI promo at Jollibee, before proceeding home.

Friday, December 6, 2019

The November and December birthday celebrants treated us for lunch at Buffet 101 in Glorietta.  Since I am already there, decided to buy the TV Go Plus I am planning to give as (raffle) gifts to our condominium staff, guards and janitors, and Christmas gift to my "angels".

Thursday, December 5, 2019

As I was going to our other building, saw a red liquid on the street by the gutter, blocked by a police tape.  I thought it was just catsup.  Learned that it was blood.

It was from an officemate who had a heart attack, fell down and hit his head.  Learned he was able to reach the emergency room, still breathing by his eyes were already dilated.  He succumbed.

A few minutes before the incident, he posted in his facebook account that his Christmas wish is for his family to be happy, healthy.  Sad...

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Christmas Gifts, Food

Walked my way to Glorietta via the Dela Rosa elevated walkway.  But first, passed by Alishan @ The Alley to buy a milk tea.  On Saturdays, it opens at 1PM.  A couple is already lined up while waiting for it to open.  I am second in the line.  Hehehe!  Milk tea.  ✔

Was hoping to have my lunch at Tito Pak's but the restaurant is closed.  Must be because it is a holiday.  Since I am ordering in advance our food for the Christmas Eve, will have my lunch at Conti's instead (where I would also be ordering our food for the Noche Buena).  ✔

Went to The Landmark to pay my Meralco bill at the Bayad Center. ✔

National Bookstore is still on sale storewide; and the item I wanted to buy as gifts is still not available.  ❌

Next stop is J.CO Donuts.  Will pay in advance for pick-up on Monday and on Tuesday.  Would be giving box of J.PoPs baby donuts as gift per team.  With just a few boxes, many would have enjoyed the treat.  Weh! ✔

Again, went to Ocampo's to buy a pair of earrings as a gift to one of my godchild.  I also bought a gift for myself. ✔

Passed by Glorietta 4 Cinemas checking if I can still watch a movie.  Nope.  Will not be able to attend the anticipated Mass if I do so.  Movie.  ❌

Bought black tourmaline bracelet at Gaea.  Since I don't like that the bracelet is stretchable, I had it changed it changed to have a clasp.  Will pick it up hopefully on Monday or Tuesday.  ✔

Attended the anticipated Mass at Mary Mother of Hope Chapel in The Landmark, supper at Phobac, went to Dora to buy OTG micro USB to USB-C (I wanted to bundle this with the TV Plus Go I will be giving away as gifts), bought groceries at The Landmark Supermarket before proceeding home.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Birthday Gift

Walked my way to Glorietta via Dela Rosa elevated walkway.  Stopped for lunch at Tito Pak's.  Checked the movies being shown.  If I watch the movie I wanted to watch, I may not be able to attend the anticipated Mass.  Thus, no movie for today.

Went to beabi for my Christmas gift.  Will be able to pick them up after two weeks for I have them embroidered.

Next is National Bookstore.  All items in the store are discounted!  Unfortunately, the one I wanted to buy as Christmas gift is not yet available. 😞

To Mercury Drug to buy face masks.  Coughs and colds is common nowadays.

Paid water bill at Bayad Center in The Landmark.

Often my gift to a godchild on her 18th birthday is jewelry. Went to Ocampo's.  Already bought the item when I learned from my kumpare that my inaanak is already 19th on her coming birthday!

Attended the anticipated Mass at Mary Mother of Hope Chapel, dinner at Food Choices, bought groceries at The Landmark Supermarket before proceeding home.


Saturday, November 16, 2019

Avanza Preventive Maintenance

Already made an appointment.  Brought my Toyota Avanza at Toyota Manila Bay for its preventive maintenance.

Since Lyn wanted to buy a new (Samsung) phone, she already joined us.  Edgar mentioned that a new Ayala mall was opened in the Manila Bay area which actress Kathryn Bernando cut the ribbon.  Since we are already in the area, I planned to go.

Ayala Malls Manila Bay is big!!!  I think it is much bigger than SM Mall of Asia.  Nice design, spacious, even the comfort rooms is big (taking in consideration the number of people the mall can accommodate), the arrangement of the stores are planned out.  5 floors.  10 cinemas.  Luv it!  If only their cinemas are already included in Sureseats, we would be watching the MMFF films here on Christmas.

Tried the milk tea of Black Scoop Cafe before leaving for Glorietta.  My suki is at Glorietta.

We had our lunch at The Landmark Food Center.  First went to the Samsung store in Glorietta 2 to check the price.  Then, went to Ambassador Appliance where we bought the mobile phone at a discount.  Bought the memory card (discounted) at Standard Computer.  Cellphone case at Dora's.

Accompanied Lyn back to The Landmark in order for Edgar to bring her back home.

Excited for my wireless keyboard, looked at computer stores.  Low EQ, bought Logitech K380 (for my MacBook Air), Logitech K400 Plus (for my office computer) at CompLink.

Attended the anticipated Mass at Mary Mother of Hope Chapel at The Landmark.  Since this is the first time after a long time we are complete, we had dinner at Chili's Bar & Grill at Greenbelt 5 for the long overdue birthday treat.  After, bought groceries at The Landmark Supermarket.

Will go to Rockwell to pick-up my niece before proceeding home.


Monday, November 11, 2019


There are several sale on online stores today.  Already placed the items I would purchase in my cart.  Would check-out today with online vouchers and credit card promos.

Most of the items I bought is for my allegedly carpal tunnel syndrome.  Alleged because the tests does not show that I have but the symptoms seems like it.  I even bought a splint which I wear when I sleep.

Because of the following YouTube videos, will buy wireless keyboard/s, performed exercises daily (aside from the Vitamin B which I was taking).


Saturday, November 09, 2019

Van Gogh Live

As a gift by my staff, they bought tickets for me Van Gogh Live.  With me is my niece Pam.  Camille will workout in the gym on the same building.  We will meet up for lunch after.

The exhibition is at One Bonifacio High Street.  It is definitely a different experience.

We ate at Chili's Grill & Bar for lunch.  Pam bought dessert-to-go at M Bakery so I can try it.  I was dropped-off at Glorietta.  Now, I can have the battery of my iPhone 6s replaced.  Thus, went to Switch.  They usually have to reset the phone to factory default because they have to have tool run to check if the battery can still be replaced.  Since all the contents of my iPhone 6s is already in my iPhone 11 Pro, no longer have an issue.  Good thing battery can still be replaced.

Drank hot tea at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  Hoping to be healthy.  Weh!

Attended the anticipated Mass at Mary Mother of Hope Chapel in The Landmark, dinner at Hawker Chan, bought groceries before proceeding home.