Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pacquiao, VP Debates

Already made an appointment.  As soon as the mall opened, went to KARADA for my treatment.

After, checked first if I can watch a movie.  Glorietta 4 Cinemas are still not selling tickets.  So, lunch at Bistro Ravioli.  Tried their "must try" Lasagna Primavera.  Not bad.  Checking my twitter feeds, learned that Manny Pacquiao won over Bradley.  Congratulations, Manny!

Bought another book of Josemaria Escriva "The Forge" (already have "The Way") at National Bookstore.  Next in my list is "Furrow".

Then, proceeded home.  Took a jeepney.  Believe me, the rechargeable portable fan I bought yesterday is a blessing with the heat.

Around 5PM is the start of the Vice-Presidentiables' Debates at CNN Philippines.  Even before the debate, I am already rooting for Leni Robredo.  After the debate, it solidifies it.

Leni: "Sa aming anim, may the best woman win." (Those who doesn't know, she's the only woman running for vice-president.)


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