Saturday, March 26, 2016

Black Saturday

The malls will be open, so, off to Glorietta.

First stop is Switch to have my Macbook's battery repaired.  Left the unit at the store/shop since the battery will have to be purchased from abroad and would take about two weeks to arrive.

Then, bought a discounted movie ticket for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

For lunch, went to Italianni's.

Since I still have time before my movie, ticked some items of my list:  Nico's gift, cooler to bring for our tomorrow's mini-outing.

Back to my movie.  Vigilante Batman decides to takes on Superman because of the effect on humans when Superman fought with other Kryptonians.  Man has to decide which kind of hero they want.  The movie did not get good reviews from critics, but, it entertained me.

Did some groceries before proceeding home.


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