Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sale Sale Sale

Took me 11:45 min/km walk pace from Rufino to The Landmark.  The store is on sale.. and so is Glorietta mall.

Had lunch at Bistro Ravioli and picked-up my vivosmart I had repaired at Garmin Concept Store.  Will give the vivosmart to my niece (I already have vivosmart HR).  Then, went to Uniqlo where I saw may cousin and nieces.  Nice!

Since I would not be watching a movie, just walked.  Back to The Landmark, able to see a rechargeable fan with light and solar panel.  Bought it for it is at 10% discount.  Actually, liked that there are three sources for it to operate/charge--AC, battery, solar panel.  In case there will no be power (knock on wood), I can have it charged via the sun.  Also bought a blouse on sale for the office.

Attended the anticipated Mass and had dinner at Modern Shanghai.  Bought groceries at The Landmark and passed by Pet Express for Tsubasa's dog food.


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