Saturday, April 23, 2016


Yes!  Was able to get a baller to show support to my VP, Leni Robredo (and it is her birthday).  Wore it so that everyone I meet would see it.  And I get an "eye" for those who are wearing ballers for Duterte-Cayetano.  Weh!

Took me 10:42min/km pace walk from Rufino to The Landmark.  I do believe I am getting fast.  Hehehe!

Had Mongolian lunch at Food Choices and bought discounted movie ticket for Criminal.

Since I still have time before my movie, ticked-off some items in my list.  First is a yellow shirt.  I would be wearing in on the day of the election.  Hehehe!  It would not be considered campaigning because it wouldn't have candidates name written on it.

Back to my movie.

A convicted felon has been implanted with the memories of a CIA agent, who died while trying to save the world from a deranged anarchist.  This is to obtain the last memories to point them to the Dutchman.  Lots of action.  The movie did not get good reviews but the movie is OK with me.

Attended the anticipated Mass and had dinner at Bistro Ravioli.  Then, ticked-off more items on my list:  Genteal drops, wireless mouse.  Did some groceries at The Landmark and dog food at Pet Express before proceeding home.


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