Friday, January 02, 2015

English Only, Please

A holiday, decided to go to the mall, maybe even catch another Metro Manila Film Festival entry.  Will also buy a Christmas gift for me... a pambahay.  Hehehe!

Bought first a discounted movie ticket for English Only, Please, had lunch at Food Choices.  And since still have time, went to The Landmark to buy shorts and shirts in the department store's bazaar for my pambahay.  Also, bought some groceries.

And to my movie.  A heart-broken Filipino-American Julian hired online a tutor (Tere) to translate for him his message to his ex-girlfriend and to teach him how to say it so he can say it to his ex-girlfriend when he sees him.  A cliche of romance-comedy.  Funny but I find no chemistry between the two lead actors.


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