Saturday, February 07, 2015


Feeling I lack exercise (now, now, now... don't start agreeing hehehe!), decided to walk along Ayala Avenue.  Would that be considered an exercise?

My walk led me to Greenbelt.  Since I have no plan of watching a movie, decided to drop by The Sun Shop and see if the unit I reserved for the loyalty plan would be available.  But first, lunch at Bistro Ravioli at their Greenbelt branch.

As a retention plan, I can get a free mobile phone.  Wanted the Starmobile Sky but it was not available.  So, made a reservation last December 19, 2014.  It is already 51 days and still have not heard of its availability.  And at The Sun Shop, the one who assisted me sounded mataray.  Hello?!  I may have availed the lowest plan available; but, she shouldn't be putting her nose down at me.  I can actually buy the unit in cash; but, why do so?  I have no plans of closing my account, I might as well get the freebie.  I have lots of freebie mobile phone at home.  In case one of my "angels" lost or needs to replace their mobile phone, I give the freebie to them.  We also have a mobile phone (aside from landline) used at home so that they can easily be contacted.  I got a unit and was told that said unit is actually reserved for another.  Hello, again?!  An excuse I cannot accept why I was not informed that a unit is already available.  One thing is sure, she met her match.

Then, went to Pixelpoint by Photoline to have my photo entries printed.  It closed shop.  Uh-oh!  There are two other photo labs at Glorietta.  The cheaper one (but not necessarily cheaper quality) is the General Photo where I had my photo entries printed.

Attended the anticipated Mass and had dinner at Tenka.


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