Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Day Of 2015

The usual is to go with my "angel" at Ayala Center to buy a basket of fruits, a round cake with message written on it, and round pastries.

Today is not the usual.  First, already bought a round cake with "Happy 2016" written on it.  Second, my niece would be joining us.  Says she's going to buy new clothes to meet the new year.

Took Uber to The Landmark.  Bought loaf of bread and soda.  Then, proceeded to Stradivarius for my niece's shopping.  For the basket of fruits, went to SM Makati.  It is also there where we bought round pastries from Goldilocks.

Supposedly, I should be leaving the house at 2:30PM to go to Emerald Garden Restaurant to pick-up the food I ordered for our media noche.  With the things are moving, asked to pick us up at The Landmark instead at 2:30PM.

We had lunch at Bulgogi Brothers, bought another Little Live Pets at Toys R Us, passed by Typo and have a scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbins.    Have are receipts converted to a raffle for a chance to win a BMW.  Learned that it is also our last day to drop our raffle stubs.  Still have some at home.  Called that when the driver pick us up, to bring the raffle with him.

Once we were picked-up, proceeded to the Emerald Garden Restaurant to pick-up our food.

This time, there is again an uninvited guest.  She invited herself and plan to sleep overnight.  Hayyy....

While waiting for 12 midnight, we played Bounce Off (the gift of my niece and her boyfriend), Draw Something, Sphero and sang ourselves hoarse.


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