Saturday, February 27, 2016


Would be attending the February activity of our office's camera club.  This time, it would be seminar conducted by Mr. Ely Teehankee, Canon ambassador and known for his bird photography.  Learned a lot and you really need a lot of patience for this type of photography.

After the seminar, walked my way to Greenbelt where I had lunch at The Cafe Mediterranean.  For dessert, birthday cake remix at Cold Stone Creamery.  Decided to drop by at Garmin Concept Store and see if the vivosmart HR has already arrived.  Yes!  Used it immediately and left my vivosmart to have it repaired.  Unfortunately, my steps for the day would start at zero.  I would have to "recover" the 7,500 steps I already took.  Weh!  So, walked until the anticipated Mass.

After the anticipated Mass, had dinner at Luk Yuen and bought some groceries at The Landmark.


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