Sunday, December 11, 2016

Closing The List

Became aware that it will just be a few more days until Christmas.  Decided to go to the mall to buy gifts for my "angels".

Went to Mercury Drug while waiting for the mall to open at 11AM.  Also bought over-the-counter medicines as stock at home.  Went to Bayo to browse.  Then, to Kamiseta.  Bought my gifts from Kamiseta.

Had lunch at Sugarhouse, mailed my warranty card and proceeded to The Landmark for more gifts.

Now, what is left on my list is for the guard, janitors at the office.

Normally, would have stayed long at the mall.  But given the number of people, I already felt tired; thus, decided to go home after I completed my purchases.

Wrapped them and placed my gifts under our Christmas tree.  c",)


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