Monday, August 21, 2017

Northern Samar: Day 1

We would be taking the 0515H flight of Philippine Airlines to Catarman.  Thus, already at NAIA Terminal 3 by 0315H.  ETD 0630H.

Was the first to arrive at the airport, checked-in my baggage and waited for the rest of the group.  As soon as they arrived, they checked-in and proceeded to the departure area.  Had breakfast first.

There is only one flight to Catarman MWFSu.  We were invited by a friend we met during our Europe trip to attend their fiesta.  We would also be staying at their house.

We were picked-up by Tita Lydia at the airport.  It is about an hour travel back to their house.  In time, too, for the parade is about to start.

Learned that Tita Lydia's dad was a Mayor of their place.  She donated the land where the school named after their father now stands.  Her sister was a councilor.  All these told on the side by her yaya, Elma.

And for our breakfast, we already have crab!!!!  For the next days, it would be eat, sleep, eat, sleep for us.  With lechon.

After lunch, we were shown around the town.

And tonight?  It will be a coronation as well as a dance.  The highlight of the dance is the shower of money while dancing.  This will be for the Church.


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