Saturday, May 16, 2015


Walked my way to Glorietta for my 10,000 steps.

Wanted to watch Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, was late for the screening that I would still be able to attend the anticipated Mass.  So bought a discounted movie ticket for Maggie instead.

But first, had lunch at Food Choices.  That's when I noticed a man making a scene in one of the food stalls.  Heard him say "kilala mo ba ako?" (translation:  do you know me?) and "mas mayaman ka ba sa akin?" (translation: are you richer than me?).  No matter what the server in the food stall did, he (customer) did not have the right.  Yabang!  (translation:  ego, arrogant).

Now, for my movie...

Maggie's dad defiantly takes care of her after being infected by the zombie plague.  If you expect action with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead, will be disappointed.  But this movie is about the relationship of a father and his daughter.  Drama; but I like it because of how the movie ended and what was inevitable.

After the movie, bought groceries including the back scratcher requested by Nana.  Attended the anticipated Mass and we had dinner at Bistro Ravioli.


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