Thursday, April 30, 2015

Medical Tests

It's now time for "me".  Already set an appointment for the tests asked by my doctor.  I have a 9AM and 3PM appointment.  So, took a leave.

Went to Makati Medical Center for the tests.  What is worrying, the tests seems to have new findings from my previous test (although my 3PM test, I still have to get the result next Wednesday afternoon).

In my morning test, the diagnosis has something different about my uterus.

In my mammography, I was scanned twice (spot).  That started me worrying.  In my sonomammography, I can actually see what the doctor is typing.  The common is cyst and hypoechoic.  No problem.  But the last, she typed retroareolar.  Why?!  The last time I saw a different comment during my procedure, I had to undergo biopsy.

I really don't want to have another biopsy, more so the Big C.


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