Saturday, May 02, 2015

No Movies

Walked along Ayala Avenue and the walkway towards Glorietta for my 10,000 steps.  It took me 2,500 steps.  Have no plans of watching a movie as I think I already watched those I wanted to watch that is being shown in the theatres.

Have a Mongolian bowl lunch at Food Choices, buy  more surgical masks at Mercury Drug, tops at Uniqlo that is on sale, clear book at National Bookstore so I can file all my medical test results, and fishball as snacks at Food Choices (again) before my anticipated Mass.

After the anticipated Mass, had dinner at Kaya.

Tomorrow, will "slowly" clean my bedroom with the help of Mary (meaning, it will take several Sundays to completely clean my bedroom).

Lately, I have noticed that if I do something, it is because something will happen.  For example, I replaced the TV in my bedroom.  Because of what happened to Nana, wherein she has to stay in Paolo's old room, put my old TV in her room.  Then there's the walking cane I bought Nana (which she did not use).  Because of his attack, Kuya has to borrow the walking cane.  Now, I am cleaning my bedroom and organizing my medical test results.  I pray, in His mercy, nothing untoward will happen to me.


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