Friday, May 01, 2015

Labor Day Movie Marathon

A holiday and, according to the news, will be very hot--even suggesting if there is nothing to do to just stay home.  Actually, the best advise is to be at the mall--at least, enjoy the air-condition.

So, decided to do a movie marathon.  Bought discounted movie tickets for Child 44 and Barely Lethal.  Then, bought a Robinsons Rewards Card at Daiso Japan.  My first point/s is buying an eyeglasses case.  Then went to Mary Mother of Hope Chapel.  Had lunch at The Landmark's food court.

For "Child 44", in post-World War II Russia, the Russian government's stand is that murder is a sickness of capitalism--that there's no murder in paradise (Russia).  But a series of child murders (being covered up) and a wrong decision has MGB investigator Leo's life turned upside down, to the point of him and his wife's life being threatened.  Basically, the movie is showing the life in Russia in the 1950s.

Since have time for my next movie, went to True Value (store is on sale) where I was able to buy a UV toothbrush sanitizer.  Does it work?  c",)  Another set of points for my Robinsons Rewards Card. Also bought Sangobion for Lyn at the Mercury Drug for her anemia (result of her annual physical exam shows very low red cells).  Good thing there is a promo pack wherein if you buy 7 tablets you get 1 free.

My second movie, "Barely Lethal", have 83, who studied in a secret academy that trains little girls to be assassins, wanting to lead a normal life.  Able to fake her death, she managed to pose herself as a foreign exchange student.  Only knows what high school life is from the movies she watched, she gets more than what she bargained for.


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