Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Learned last night that Nana can be discharged today.  Thought it will be Friday.  So took a leave.

First time to do all the arrangements for Nana to be discharged.  Really appreciated having an HMO.  LOL

Was early at the hospital.  Good thing the watcher of a patient from the other room advised me to have the billing updated.  Hmm...  Will do that but decided to drop by the PhilHealth representative we met at the Admitting Office.  She explained to me what to do to get the discounts for PhilHealth and for Senior Citizen.  Due to President Noynoy Aquino, all senior citizens are automatically members of PhilHealth. #ThumbsUp

I really wanted to talk to Nana's pulmonologist, although her lead doctor is the surgeon.  We are actually just waiting for the surgeon to give a "go" signal for Nana to be discharged.

While waiting for the discharge order, started thinking and worrying again.  Then I received an SMS saying:

"Our Lady of Lourdes had opened and closed her eyes several times today.  Today begins the 90th anniversary of the Virgin Mary of Fatima.  When you receive this message, say One Hail Mary and ask for special favor.  Please send to 12 Catholic friends who you think deserve justice, peace, love, good health and prosperity.  Do not break the Novena.  Message from Fr. Thomas."

Is this Mama Mary's way of saying to me that everything will be all right?

Was able to meet Nana's surgeon and waited for the pulmonologist to do his rounds.  He is quite easy to talk to and told him because of our talk last Saturday and the sore throat I have, it got me worried.  Something to note, he is doing it for 20 years and he's still OK.  And I look healthy!  Hmmm...  Will not miss out on my vitamin C.

And practiced what I have researched on the internet.  All the car's windows should be open when we travel, with us all wearing masks.

As soon Nana is comfortable in her new room and bed (fixed Paolo's old room, bought new bed, put on my old TV with the ABS-CBN TVplus so that the signal will be good), went to the mall to buy more items (diaper, wipes, medicines) for Nana.  The problem we have is who would inject Nana every other day.  Vangie (who is on vacation) was able to help.

Note to self:  Renew the Elite Card from Insular Health Care for my angels.


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