Saturday, May 23, 2015

Para Sa Hopeless Romantic

It is our company's sportsfest.  Will be at SM Arena around 8AM.  The programme will start at 9AM.

Aside from the free shirt, I attend the sportsfest due to cool air.  It is hot lately.  Hehe!  The hosts are Luis Manzano and Carla Abellana.  They're pretty cool, specially Luis Manzano, who got his wit from his dad, Edu Manzano.

Around 10:30AM, left to proceed to Glorietta.  Bought discounted movie ticket for "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic".  Because I still have time, decided to tick-off some items on my list.

Went to Rustan's to buy a Pacsafe backpack.  It will be the bag I would bring on weekends.  Because of the back pain I am experiencing lately, made research by surfing.  Weh!  One of the causes of back pain is the bag.  It is suggested that it should only weigh at most 10% of your body weight.  Was able to remove some items from the bag I bring to the office.  Still need to remove 2kg.  Also the best bag is a backpack; but, you should be wearing it with both straps on.

Had lunch at Food Choices before my movie.

Based on a Wattpad novel, "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" is about a student writer who is unable to come up with a happy ending on her novel because her real life romance fell apart.  What is funny are the audience who are making kilig.

After the movie, decided to tick-off more items.  Among them is a whistle and small flashlight.  Would have this with me all the time in case of emergency.  Because of the West Valley Fault and the likelihood of it moving and causing a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, everyone is on the edge including me.

Attended the anticipated Mass and we had dinner at Yabu.  It is our first time here.  The server kindly explained to us how it is.

We were given a bowl of sesame seeds where we have to grind it until it is powder.  Then, put in three scoops of sauce.  This will be our sauce for our katsu.  For the salad, we have the choice of Goma, Shouyu and Wasabi.  Goma is popular.  We ordered the Kurobuta Premium Set and Seafood Katsu Set plus one "to share" just by adding PhP100.00.  Each set has unlimited rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, cabbage sesame dressing and bowl of fruit.  Since we are three, we ordered one "to share" (we would be sharing the main dish) so that the 3rd in our party will have her own rice, soup, pickles, cabbage salad and bowl of fruit.

Last night, went to Funeraria Paz for the wake of Uncle Terry, the husband of Mommy Cora (+).  Interment would be tomorrow.


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