Saturday, January 16, 2016

Photo Album

Decided to have photos of my Singapore vacation last 2014 to be printed and put in an album.  This way, the souvenir (boarding pass, tickets, brochures, map, etc.) I kept will have its permanent storage.  I attach an envelope at the back of the photo album for brochures, maps and other big documents.

My niece joined me at the mall.  She's going to a bank to make a deposit for their March trip.

First have my photos printed.  Went to National Bookstore to buy a creative scissors similar to a pinking scissors.  Also for a photo album--wanted a self-adhesive instead of pockets so I can arrange the pictures plus my souvenir documents as I wanted it.  There are photo albums but not I wanted.

Went to SM to look for the photo album I prefer--remember bought similar one in said store.  It is also here where I met up again with my niece.

I was also looking for a patch that I wanted to put on my favorite maong capri that already got ripped due to constant use.  Went to Carolina's but wasn't able to find one I liked.  My niece doesn't want me to buy a patch and put on my pants since ripped pants are "in".  I do believe I started the trend.  Weh!  Was wearing my ripped pants even before it was the "in" thing.  Now, maybe a patched pants will be the next trend.  Hehehe!

We had lunch at Yabu then we parted ways.  Proceeded to The Landmark where I was able to buy my patch.  Was hoping for a flower and a butterfly.  There was only a bear.  Bought two bears with different designs.

No plans of watching a movie since I might miss the Mass.  So, just walked.  Was even able to reach Greenbelt.

Attended the anticipated Mass and we had dinner at Luk Yuen.  The driver picked me up as I would be buying groceries, including Nana's diapers.


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