Saturday, September 10, 2016


Thought of buying things I would be bringing for my trip.  I already bought before a (winter) jacket at Uniqlo but somehow I don't know where I kept it.  LOL

Dropped by Columbia at Greenbelt 5.  I have a platinum card thus I always get a discount for items I buy in the store.  Able to buy a jacket that is on sale by 50% off plus another 5% discount due to my card.

Then for lunch, went to Conti's.  Of course, did not miss their Mango Bravo.

Passed by Geox at Greenbelt 3.  Oops... another thermal jacket on sale.  This one is much lighter.

Left my items at The Landmark's package counter.

For two days I have been experiencing headache.  Went to our office's clinic yesterday.  I like our doctor who is assigned at that time as she explains things not just give you something to take.  She asked how painful and whether if the pain is steady or is beating (migraine).  She asked me to take Flanax in a full stomach since the Advil and Dolfenal I took seems not to work.  She said it could be stress or eye strain.  But if the pain persists for one week, I should go to an ophthalmologist.

In fear that it may be my eyes, looked for an eye pillow which I can have it cooled.  Was able to find one at Rustan's.

Also went to Uniqlo to buy a loungewear set  (on sale) and one gaucho pants.  At least I have one that is a bit semi-formal than the Columbia pants I plan to bring along.

Attended the anticipated Mass and we had dinner at Modern Shanghai.  Bought groceries before proceeding home.

At home, my niece showed me her purchases which she will be bringing for their Korean trip.  She suggested that I also buy the Heattech products of Uniqlo in case Europe will be cold during my trip.

So checked the average weather in Europe during October in the internet.  Some say when they travelled during that time, it is rainy.  Hmmm... seems my waterproof MBT shoes is it!


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