Saturday, December 17, 2016

Last For The Year

Passed by PCCI to leave my gift for Tilak.  Also gave pastries for the PCCI staff.

Then went to Word & Life to buy Benedictine medals.  Will have it blessed.

It would be the last anticipated Mass for the year at Glorietta.  Decided to give a small token to the "regulars".  So, ate lunch at Conti's.  Also bought small boxes of butterscotch for my gifts.

Then, went to National Bookstore to buy a cellophane to wrap my gift for Tita Leony.

Walked my way to Glorietta where I would be picking-up my order at Mary Grace.  Then gave my gifts to Mongolian Quickstop at Food Choices (where I usually order my lunch) and Karada at Glorietta 1.  When I gave my gift for Karada staff, also made my reservation for tomorrow.

Wanted to buy a small bag to keep my new portable projector (Acer C205).  It would have to be a lunch bag.  So looked for one.

Also looked for a Samsung Galaxy J1.  Edgar the driver would give it as a gift for his wife.  The price for Samsung products is standard for all shops.  Except for my suki.  Even for a few pesos, got a discount. LOL.  But since Edgar wanted the unit to be gold, and it is not available at the shop then, will have to pick it up tomorrow.

Attended the anticipated Mass and we had dinner at Bulgogi Brothers.

My niece was with the driver to pick me up.  Bought groceries at The Landmark, dog leash at Pet Express before proceeding home.


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