Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Legazpi: Day Two

The mass at St. Peter Chapel will be at 11AM.  Sarita, my Nana's niece, sought the help of my Auntie Lourdes to talk to a priest who can celebrate the Mass for Nana.  We'll have lunch after before the burial.  Arnel will pick us up at the hotel at 9AM to bring us to St. Peter.

Woke up with a nice view of the Mayon Volcano.

And for breakfast, we had sinigang, tocino and fried egg at CISYD (pronounced as seaside), which is at the ground floor of the hotel.  It is quite good.

My niece finally met Auntie Lourdes.  Like me, she's a "girl scout"--she has with her flashlight, bottled water, utensils, etc.--which my niece noted.  She's also sutil (naughty).  There's a young boy with long hair that he looks like a girl.  We keep on saying that he's a girl.  My aunt also joined in.  The boy's father said that he will only have his son cut his hair when he reaches seven years old.

My Nana was laid to rest in their public cemetery.  For a public cemetery, it is very clean that you can almost mistake it as a private cemetery.  According to Vangie, before her casket was put inside the tomb, she saw Nana for a split second--and Nana is smiling.

We requested that we would be buying pasalubong.  Thus, Arnel with his wife brought us to Albay Pili Nut.  We were supposed to go back to the hotel, but since there is still a lot of time, Arnel suggested that we go to Cagsawa Ruins.  On the way to the ruins, my kuya called her daughter and informed her that Uncle Ben fell, hit his head and is now in the ICU at St. Luke's at BGC.  Decided to go to the hospital upon arriving in Manila.

Spent some time taking pictures at Cagsawa Ruins and buying more pasalubong.

Back to the hotel, we rested.  We, again, will have dinner at CISYD.  Before going to dinner, decided to go around the Embarcadero Mall.  That's when we saw the Shrine of Padre Pio.  Could it be a sign?  Went there and said a few prayers.

For dinner, we had barbecue, buttered vegetables, shrimp.  Food is good.  Also went to Puregold at Embarcadero Mall since my niece would like to buy some medicines.


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