Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kingsman's Dragon Blade

A holiday due to the Chinese New Year.  So, decided to have movie marathon.  Also, would be looking for a 10 inch netbook to replace my MSI Wind which just conked out last Tuesday.  I always leave the netbook at the office so I can use it anytime without having to worry carrying it everyday to work.

Was early so had brunch of Eggs Ben at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  As soon as the mall opened, went to the cinema's ticket counter to buy tickets.  Still closed.  So looked for a netbook that fits my criteria:  10 inches and about PhP15,000.00.  Found one at the Octagon Computer Superstore.  Was quoted a discount of PhP2,000.00 for the ASUS X102BA.  Did not buy it yet but will do so before I go home.

Was able to buy a discounted movie ticket for Kingsman: The Secret Service and Dragon Blade.

Eggsy is being recruited by Harry Hart to be a Kingsman, a private, independent spy agency dedicated to protect the world.  Each of the Kingsman is named after one of the knights of the round table.  If one of them dies, someone has to take his/ her place.  While Eggsy is undergoing training, Harry is investigating the death of one of their own.  Action, comedy--the likes of Roger Moore's interpretation of James Bond.  And I like Roger Moore's James Bond as some are kinda serious.  Imagine, even in the action sequence you can find something humorous.

Since I still have time for my second movie, bought a birthday gift for Judy at The Landmark.  Have it gift-wrapped.  Will pick it up later.

I wonder if Dragon Blade's story is really based on a true story that the Romans reached China.  Will have to search the internet.  Hehehe!  A disgraced captain of the protection squad and a Roman general will form an alliance to fight a common enemy.

After the movie, picked-up the gift, bought the netbook and proceeded home.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Picked-up the glasses I have ordered made since my progressive web lens/glasses broke.  The reading glasses is OK but there is a problem with the progressive lens when I tried to use it.  Sure made me dizzy looking at my computer screen.  Will have to return it tomorrow.


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