Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Finally, my Nana's relatives arrived last Monday.  Two of them left for Bicol yesterday, leaving one.  Now, I can have Nana brought to the hospital.  Needed at least one of her relatives with her in case after the tests, she will be operated on.

So took a leave and asked to be brought to San Juan de Dios Hospital.  This is to ensure a room will be available for Nana and be admitted.  Originally planned for semi-private room (two beds in one room), but thinking of Nana's relative who would look after her, decided a private room.  But when I explained to Admitting Nana's condition, she said that in case the operation will push thru, a certain type of bed must be used--and it is not possible in a regular private room; but, possible for a semi-private room.

Finally, advised those at home to bring Nana to the hospital.  They arrived at the hospital around 10AM.  Room 428B.  Several tests has to be done and they brought the equipment (ECG, X-Ray, etc.) in Nana's room.

Went home for lunch and went to The Landmark to buy some items for the hospital (portable battery-operated radio, additional adult diaper, adult wipes, cup noodles, Goldilocks pastry).  Nana's relative is afraid to go out of the room as she might get lost.  Was supposed to show her where the hospital's cafeteria was.

After, went directly to the hospital with my purchases.  They wanted a thermos to keep the hot water, plus dishwashing soap and sponge, plus Nana's milk.  So went to SM Mall of Asia where I was able to buy the items.  Will bring it later after dinner as the driver needs to pick-up my nephew in his office.

After dinner, went back to the hospital.  Tomorrow, we will know if Nana will be cleared.  If yes, she will get operated on on Friday.  Pray that everything will be OK.


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