Saturday, March 28, 2015


Will have to bring palaspas for the anticipated Mass.  But first, had my new air-con mounted (my old one needs replacement and the new one was delivered yesterday).  Passed by Sta. Clara de Montefalco Parish where I bought palaspas to bring to Glorietta for the anticipated Mass later.

Was dropped off at Glorietta.  Went to the several branches of Mercury Drug in the mall looking for Zyme E-400.  It's out of stock.  Then bought a discounted movie ticket for Home.

But first, had lunch at Bistro Ravioli before my movie.

Evading the Gorg, the Boov reaches Earth.  The Boov, then, puts all humans in one place as they occupy the rest of Earth.  Oh meets Tip, both misfits, as they team up to look for Tip's mom.  Cute.

After the movie, just window-shopped while waiting for the anticipated Mass.  Good excuse to walk and try to meet my 10,000 steps goal.

After the anticipated Mass, had dinner at Luk Yuen.


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