Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter Mass

As advised by my cousin who is a doctor, he told me to have Nana x-rayed and SMS him the result.  I already arranged yesterday for this.  Dodong would go to the x-ray lab, which is in-front of Pasay General Hospital, to see if it is open.  If it is open, SMS Edgar, the driver, to go to the house so that he can drive Nana to the x-ray lab.  Dodong and Edgar will carry Nana with Mary tagging along.  Told them to have Nana sit on the mono-block chair when they carry her.  This is to ensure she will not be moved too much.  The result of the x-ray will be available tomorrow.  According to Dodong, the x-ray lab is open and was advised to be there by 10:30AM.

And for me, went to Don Bosco Parish Church to attend the 10AM Easter Mass.  After the Mass, Viber-ed the house to ask if the x-ray has been completed.  Was advised that it so.  Instead of riding a jeepney to Glorietta, decided to walk for my 10,000 steps.

Had lunch at the food court of The Landmark.  Then, wanted to watch a movie.  Decided to watch the 12 noon screening of You're My Boss.  (Wanted to be back to the house before 3PM.)  Since it is 15 minutes before the start of the movie and still have to walk my way to the cinema, bought ticket via mPass.

A romance/comedy movie about a domineering boss and a laid back assistant that has to switch places to win a very important client over.  Well, those around me are making kilig.  Hehehe!

Back home, Nana told me that she was advised by the lab tech not to try to stand but just rest.  Hmmm... there must be a fracture.


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