Thursday, April 09, 2015


Last Tuesday, Kuya Gilbert, my doctor cousin, saw the x-ray of Nana and advised that Nana should be brought to an orthopaedic.  He also gave a medicine for the pain (stronger than what I asked Nana to take).

Today is the schedule of Nana to go to the Orthopaedic.  We called before at the National Orthopaedic in Quezon City and was advised to look within our area as it would not be advisable for the patient to travel far.

Already researched via internet the hospitals that have Orthopaedics--Pasay General Hospital, Manila Sanitarium and San Juan de Dios Hospital.  Called the Manila Sanitarium and was told that the doctor assigned in the morning advised that he/ she would not be coming in.  Will try again if the doctor in the afternoon will report for work.  For the meantime, called San Juan de Dios Hospital.  No doctors available.

So left the house and bought fruits for Nana and arinola at The Landmark.  We have a chair made with a hole in it so that if she needs to go, she doesn't have to be carried far to go to the comfort room.  Asked the driver to bring the items home.

Then have lunch at Food Choices, looked for a credit card case (found one at SM Makati), and decided to buy an electric fan.  The electric fan at home is being used by Nana.  The new one is for the rest of the room.

Was back home by 2PM.

Oh! Manila Sanitarium's afternoon doctor also did not report for work.


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