Saturday, March 14, 2015


It is our office's camera club first general assembly (G.A.) for the year... and I would be the speaker for "Smartphone Photography".  Weh!  The talk is usually part of the activity to encourage members to attend the meeting.

Since the G.A. would also honor the top photographers of last year, was pushing that there will be a simple meal to share.  Previous members served as sponsor.  Already ordered last night for pancit malabon and pichi-pichi from Amber's to be delivered to the office today.  Somebody was tasked to buy bread, soda, paper plate, plastic spoon and cup.  Advised that the size of the paper plate is that of a saucer.  It limits the food to take but makes their plate to look "full".  Hehe!  Anyway, if they want more, they can keep coming back; but at least, for the first round, everyone would be able to get something.

There's a short break after the welcome remarks, prayer and my talk.  Then, a discussion of the club's mechanics, awarding of the Photographer of the Year and Guest Photographer of the Year, and the election.  Even the structure of the club was changed.  Only the President was elected.  And the members are asked to choose which committee they would be joining.  Within themselves, assign a chairman.

After the G.A., walked my way to Ayala Center for my 10,000 steps.  It took me 2,000 steps.  Bought 3W LED light bulbs at True Value to keep in stock.  Store is on sale that I got the item at 20% off.  Just window-shopped while waiting for the anticipated Mass.  Oh!  Got first the blue Asus X102BA at SM Appliance Store.  Good buy for students as it already included Windows 8 and Microsoft Office.  The item is on sale and got another 8% discount for it and a freebie.

After the anticipated Mass, we had dinner at Bistro Ravioli.  Bought first a case for the netbook before proceeding home.


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