Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Klean Kanteen

Because of the medical procedure I went through, it reminds me again how important it is to watch what you eat.  And of course, exercise.  Surfing the internet to understand the result, the cause and how to avoid, high fiber and exercise keeps popping up.

In order to "force" me to drink lots of water, been toying with buying a Klean Kanteen.  Since I am free to use the driver after office, went to Ayala Center.  Would be going to True Home by True Value at Greenbelt 5.  Already surfed where I can buy the Klean Kanteen.

Bought the Insulated Wide 12oz and Insulated Wide 20oz.  Buying two items will take PhP300.00 off.  I also wanted the Wide 40oz but it is not available in the store.  Would have to go to Rustan's.  I also bought a plastic chopping board (to be used to cut the fruits and vegetables to be used for the juicer) and bottle brush.  It is advisable to have a different chopping board for fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, etc.

Was able to buy the Wide 40oz at Rustan's.

Went back to The Landmark to buy some groceries including the baking soda to be used to clean the Klean Kanteen.

1ml water (liquid) per 1 calorie


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