Saturday, July 18, 2015

Just Fish

My mall weekend (plus 10,000 steps).  Since already watched Marvel Ant-Man yesterday and did not feel like watching the only movie showing at Glorietta 4 Cinemas I have not watched, decided to just window-shopped.  At least, I would surely reach my 10,000 steps goal.

For lunch, went to Kenny Roger's Roasters.  Will have their grilled fish.  Don't know but the one I ordered is wrong.  I thought that their Combo 3 is fish, so when the meal arrived I told the server I wanted the fish.  So they brought it back and gave me the Grilled Fish Fillet (added payment, of course).  And I thought that it has iced tea with it.  Talked to the manager about it and was advised that the meal does not come with iced tea.  He wanted to change it with the Low Calorie Meal but I said no because I am not supposed to eat vegetables.  Surprise!  He still gave me the red iced tea.  Thank you!

The problem with window-shopping, sometimes you buy things that are not even in your list.  Hehehe!  Also looked for a restaurant that is serving fish that my two friends will not be forced to eat what they don't like.  Went to Pancake House.  Explained that I cannot eat vegetables only fish and she showed me their items that fit my requirement.  Told her we will have our dinner there.  Weh!

Attended the anticipated Mass.  And, indeed, had dinner at Pancake House.


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