Friday, July 17, 2015


A holiday--making it a long weekend.  But because of my procedure on Monday, have to be at home on Sunday because of the preparation (would be visiting the comfort room a lot!).

As soon as I arrived at Glorietta, bought (discounted) movie ticket for Ant-Man.  Proceeded to Mercury Drug to buy the medicines needed for the preparation.  Somehow, craving for the chili soup at The Soup Kitchen, so walked my way to Greenbelt 1.  Had a half soup of chili and half sandwich of chicken sandwich.  Then, walked back to Glorietta.  Passed by The Landmark to buy a screwdriver in their hardware so I can open and clean my Vornado air circulator.

Now, my movie.  In fear his invention would be used in the wrong hands, Dr. Pym retired and hid his invention until he found a former thief who can use the suit that gives size-changing abilities.  Lots of humor and action.  Nice welcome to see Falcon of The Avengers.  #ThumbsUp

Had a snack at Food Choices and Cupcakes by Sonja; then, bought groceries at The Landmark's supermarket.


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