Saturday, July 11, 2015

Final Girl Minions

Will have a movie marathon.  Already bought the tickets for Minions and Final Girl online via mPass last night.

But first, will take the blood tests requested by my gastroenterologist at Makati Medical Center.  I was served fast.

Good thing the rains stopped.  I will be able to do my "steps" from Makati Medical Center to Ayala Center.  In my usual walk, my first stop is The Landmark where I bought some small items to tick-off from my list.  Then to Mercury Drug where I bought water and masks (I was wearing a mask at Makati Medical Center... just to be sure).  I saw a character actor, Leo Lazaro, while paying at the cashier.  And of course, lunch at Bistro Ravioli.

The "Minions" is about the adventure of these pill-shaped creatures before they met Gru.  Their motivation is to look for a villain leader.  Cute.  What is funny is the guy beside me who is laughing his heart out.  Weh!

Before going to my second movie, went to the comfort room.  Noticed that since doing my morning exercise using my recumbent exercise bike, there is a change in my bowel movement.  I am a regular; but with the exercise, it seems to move faster and often.

Blonde girls have been missing in a town.  A mysterious group then assigns Veronica, who they have trained since she was a little girl, to take down a group of young men who kill women for sport.  Veronica will be the group's "Final Girl" to be hunted.  Hmmm... the premise is OK.

After the movie, attended the anticipated Mass and had dinner at Yabu.  Over dinner, we discussed about 10,000 steps among other things.  One suggested Leslie Simone's videos in You Tube wherein you can do walks at home.

As soon as I arrived home, checked the result of my blood test online.

APTT (Automate 5), High 40.7 seconds, Reference Range is 26.0 to 40.0
RBC, High 5.12 x10^6.uL, Reference Range is 4.5 to 5.1
MCHC, Low 33.0%, Reference Range is 33.4 to 35.5


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