Saturday, January 23, 2016


Movie weekend.  Decided to watch Jeruzalem.  Already bought my ticket via mPass.

First had lunch at Food Choices.  Yoghurt dessert at The White Hat.  Then, went to True Value to buy a long-nosed plier, AAA battery, gnawler (dog treat) for Brad, Tonette and Terrence--the store is on sale.  Then, walked.

Back to my movie.  The premise is that there are three gates to hell--one is in the desert, another in the ocean, and the third is in Jerusalem.  Two friends were supposed to be on vacation to Tel Aviv but was convinced by the guy they met on the plane to go to Jerusalem with him instead.  Unfortunately, when they went there it is when a biblical apocalypse occurs.  This is the movie wherein my eyes are closed until the end of the film.  It is not because I am afraid but because I feel nauseated.  It is another "found film" concept--this time, it is from the perspective of the person wearing a smart (eye)glass.

Attended the anticipated Mass, had dinner at Gerry's Grill, bought a jacket on sale at Uniqlo and did some groceries at The Landmark (including Nana's diapers) before proceeding home.


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