Saturday, July 02, 2016

Before I Wake

I took 12:09min/km pace walk from Rufino to Greenbelt 5.  Slow.  As an excuse, it must be the heat.  Weh!

First stop is to have photos printed at General Photo.  Next, wanted to buy an MBT shoes/sandals I can use during weekends--will have to wait for their sale as their items are pretty expensive.  Bought discounted movie ticket for Before I Wake then Mongolian lunch at Food Choices.  Just window-shopped until my 3:10PM movie screening.

The premise of the movie "Before I Wake" is that when the child dreams it comes true.  No problem if they are good dreams but when they become nightmares, something terrible will go wrong.  He has been orphaned and was passed on from one couple to another who adopted him.  Started as horror film then switched to another.  In short, you won't be scared out of your seat.

Attended the anticipated Mass, we had dinner Modern Shanghai and bought groceries at The Landmark before proceeding home.


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