Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eye Service

Last Thursday, woke up feeling something wrong with my eyes.  It is blurry. I am far-sighted but the images I see at afar looks like it is zigzagging.  So, made an appointment to my doctor for Saturday.  By Friday, my eyes seems to back to normal.

So, first thing, went to Abesamis Vision Care Center.  There were many patients, mostly children.  Result?  My reading grade doubled but my vision for afar lowered.  That means, new pair of glasses for me.

Also, last week, there is a problem with the juicer because of the way my "angel" set it up.  Am afraid it affected the juicer's motor.  Thus, from the doctor, have lunch at Tokyo Tokyo, proceeded to Hurom's service center.  Good thing the motor was not affected.

Was dropped off at Glorietta.  Walked for my steps goal.

Attended the anticipated Mass, had dinner at Gerry's Grill, groceries at The Landmark before proceeding home.


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