Saturday, May 13, 2017


It is our company's sports festival kick-off.  It will be held at SM Arena.  Already listed that I'll be joining.  Would just pick up the free shirt, snacks and watch a little before I am on my way.

While going to St. Paul's to buy an image of Mary, Who Unties Knots, passed by Geox.  Bought a sandal at 50% off.

While at St. Paul's, there's a priest who is buying several Our Lady of Fatima images.  The staff in the store requested that some of their rosaries be blessed, including the one I purchased.  Nice!

And the usual, when in SM Mall of Asia (MOA), have my lunch at El Pollo Loco.  Hehehe!

From MOA, went to Glorietta--my usual weekend hang-out.  Was thinking of buying a Starmobile Knight Luxe.  My stock smartphone has been used when the mobile phone (MyPhone) used in the house went kaput.  Thus, the Starmobile Jump HD became the home mobile phone; the Starmobile Up Ultra became my pambanat phone.  The phone has to be at least 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, regular SIM and affordable given the specifications.  Saw one at MOA but they do not accept credit card.  Will look for one at Glorietta.

First thing, dessert at Baskin Robbins.  Hehehe!

Have looked around even reaching Greenbelt.  Now, was thinking should have bought the one at MOA.  Also already looking for another brand/ model that fits my requirement; but, it seems 2GB RAM mobile phones now uses micro- or nano-SIM.  And then, decided to go to Automatic Centre.  There is one!  And the last in stock, too.  What is nice, it is PhP1,000.00 cheaper!

Attended the anticipated Mass and had dinner at Pancake House.  Groceries at The Landmark, where my niece came with the driver who is going to pick me up.  She had dinner at The Landmark's food court while I'm eating a snack.  Hehehe!


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