Monday, June 12, 2017

The Mummy

Already made a reservation for my treatment.  Thus, as soon as the mall opened, went to KARADA for my treatment.

After, bought discounted movie ticket for The Mummy and lunch at Bistro Ravioli (I get to be able to request for warm water).

Walked to Greenbelt 5 where the nearest 7-11 is.  Have to pay for the items I bought at Lazada via Alipay.  My purchases include a wireless doorbell with intercom and a wireless touch security alarm you can hang at the door knob (good for travel).  Hehehe!

Passed by True Home where I get to buy a Mr. Beams Stand Anywhere Motion Detector Night Light.

An Egyptian princess, Ahmanet, who made a pact with Set, was entombed and imprisoned in Mesopotamia (Iraq).  Then, present day, comes Nick Morton, a soldier of fortune, who somehow manage to release her from her prison and becoming her "My Chosen".  Not scary.  Lots of action.

Before going home, passed by Mr. Quickie to have my favorite Geox sandals I am wearing repaired.


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