Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight

Because I reported for work on a weekend, able to offset it for today.  It is a very long weekend for me because of the holiday yesterday.

Went to Maxicare at Makati Medical Center.  Was referred to a surgeon.  No need to operate.  Will just have to monitor if the condition improves.

Walked to Metrobank to deposit the rent; then, walked to Ayala Center via the Dela Rosa elevated walkway.

First stop is Glorietta 4 Cinema's ticket counter.  Bought a discounted movie ticket for Transformers: The Last Knight.  Chose the 12NN screening.  Then, had Mongolian lunch at Food Choices.

Without a leader (Optimus Prime), humans became at war with the Transformers.  But Cade Yeager continue to believe in them that he tries to give them safe haven.  And the reason they keep coming to Earth?  It all started in ancient England during the time of King Arthur and the "Staff of Merlin".  Fast moving, humor, lots of action.

After, had late dessert at Baskin Robbins before I was picked-up to proceed to Honda Makati to pay for the repair of my car.  Edgar the driver will pick it up tomorrow since the car is color-coding today.


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