Saturday, February 28, 2015


Wanted to give a gift that would remember me by... and I just know which.  But first, walked my way to Glorietta in hope that I would meet my 10,000 steps.

My first stop is at General Photo where I will have my chosen image printed in 12x18.  I will also have the photo mounted on a frame; but before they mount it, will have to sign the photo... for posterity.  Hehehe!  My chosen photo is a bee seeping a flower's nectar, an image that was also published in one of the photography magazines locally.

While waiting for the photo to be printed, ate lunch at Bistro Ravioli for my usual spinach and feta cheese ravioli.  Looked for Essilor lens cleaner in the different optical shops in the mall.  Most of the shop have the item out of stock until I saw two stocks available at George Optical.  Bought one, of course.  LOL

Signed the photo and will pick-up the mounted image before I leave for home.  Stopped at Food Choices where I took one of the available seats so I can clean the OtterBox case of my iPad mini using the lens cleaner.

Decided to buy another pants for the office.  Luv Pazzo for they have a pair of jeans that looks like a slack but thicker than slack.  Like also their fit.  Bought one at SM which happens to be on sale.  Perfect!

Then, window shopped while waiting for the anticipated Mass to start--for the 10,000 steps.  Hehehe!

Attended the anticipated Mass, and was treated by a friend for her birthday at Buffet 101.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wanted the typewriter sound when I type on my computer.  Found the Noisy Typer and installed it in my Mac.  Feels like a writer/ novelist now.  Haha!

Just a warning, type a bit slowly as sometimes the sound will stop.  If the sound stops, go to "Activity Monitor" and stop the Noisy Typer and start again the program.  But if you intend to stop the sound deliberately, simply type qaz123.

But first, set your Mac to run the Noisy Typer by setting System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Accessibility.  Add the Noisy Typer in the list and check the box.

And for Windows, the program is qwertick.


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