Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rustproofed Glasses

Woke up early as I have to bring my car at Ziebart-CarSavers for its annual rebuffing and rustproofing.  It is a first come first serve basis and there is only a limited number of cars they are accepting to be serviced per day.  Got served.  LOL.  Edgar, the driver, will pick it up later around 4:30PM.

Went to Abesamis Eye Care for them to look at my issues on the progressive lens.  They have to return it as a back job.  Good!  Paid much and it is a waste if I would not be able to use the glasses.

Decided to walk my way to Glorietta in hope to meet my 10,000 steps daily.  It took me 2,000 steps.  Hehehe!  Bought a case for the ASUS netbook and Kwell shampoo as Nana got lice which she got after her vacation in Bicol.  Weh!  Just window-shopped after.

Attended the anticipated Mass, had dinner at Luk Yuen, bought surge protector (for my Samsung LED TV and Bose speakers) at True Value, then went home.  Oh!  Reached 11,500 steps!


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