Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sleep, Lazarus

It is our camera club's monthly meeting.  Would just drop by Fort Santiago (venue of the meeting) to submit my entry for photo theme "Sleep".

Next stop is SM Mall of Asia.  Since I cannot find a wooden rosary bracelet that would pass my taste (LOL) and the Benedictine Cross, would go to St. Paul's in said mall.  I have Edgar's son, Luis, with me when I went to St. Paul's (instead of him staying in the car).  Promised also an ice cream for him.  Will have to clean him up after as the ice cream is dripping.

Then, was dropped off at Glorietta.  Immediately bought a discounted ticket for The Lazarus Effect.  Had merienda at Food Choices before my movie.

A group of researchers discovered a way of bringing back to life the dead.  But there is a serious side effect that the researchers have not counted on.  Supposedly horror, did not give me the creeps.

After, looked for a thumb drive that you can prevent writing to it--this is to prevent viruses affecting the thumb drive when it is used in another computer.  Can't find one.  Opted for a portable card reader that can read if the SD card mounted on it is "locked".  Thought the one I bought at CD-R King does that--it doesn't.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Have the rosary bracelets with Benedictine Cross blessed.  Good thing, too, as I arrive home, kuya was there.  So gave him one.

The stainless steel is mine.  LOL


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