Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Was curious what the result would be.  During lunch break, went to pick-up the result at Makati Medical Center's Nuclear Medicine.

FT3 RIA, 4.363 (Normal range is 4.2 to 12)

FT4 RIA, 19.310 (Normal range is 8.8 to 33)

TSH IRMA TURBO, 5.015 (Normal range is 0.27 to 3.75)

Brought the result to my doctor's secretary.  Since the instruction given to her yesterday, if the result is normal, cardio clearance will be granted and given to my gastro, else refer to an endocrinologist.  Hayyyy.....

Got a Maxicare referral in our office's clinic and already made an appointment for Saturday.


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