Monday, June 15, 2015

Cardio Check-Up And More Test

Will go to my cardiologist to show him the medical test results.  But first, picked-up the result of my treadmill stress test at the Heart Station.

Result states:
  1. Resting 12 lead ECG: Poor R wave progression V1 to V3
  2. No subjective nor objective evidence of myocardial ischemia during exercise and post exercise recovery phase.  No arrhythmia.
  3. Patient achieved 86% of PMTHR at 10.1 METS and a treadmill exercise duration of 9:00 minutes.
  4. Physiologic blood pressure response to exercise.
  5. Functional capacity is average.
I thought I would already get a clearance; but, my doctor requested for another test because of my TSH result.

So went to Maxicare to get a referral then proceeded to Nuclear Medicine.  I was supposed to get the FT3 RIA, FT4 RIA and TSH IRMA TURBO.  It is my first time to go to Nuclear Medicine.

Was supposed to take only a half-day leave but since it would take some time, decided to take a whole day leave.  Had lunch first at Pancake House, was picked-up at Makati Medical Center then proceeded to The Landmark.  Bought Nana's adult milk and decided to buy the emergency tools I saw at True Value.  Just lucky that today is the start of their sale.  The item I wanted is almost 50% off.


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