Friday, October 09, 2015


My day!

So, pampering first.  Actually, it is a treatment for my back at KARADA.

Then, lunch at Bistro Ravioli of spinach and feta cheese ravioli with warm water.  Supposedly no cold water for four hours after my treatment.

Went to Greenbelt Chapel to thank Him for the blessings He has bestown on me. 

Was thinking of buying a camera bag and a presentable bag for the wedding tomorrow.  But nothing fits my criteria for the camera bag, guess the only bag I would be bringing is my shoulder bag camera case that I like so much.

Then proceeded home.  Already ordered the food-to-go at Emerald Garden Restaurant for a little salo-salo at home.  Will pick my order around 6PM.  My kuya, nieces and nephew are already at Clark because the wedding will be held in St. Joseph the Worker Chapel at Pampanga.  One of my nieces flew in from South Korea for the wedding.

Her gift for me is birthday cake plus another surprise.  Would be receiving the surprise either tomorrow or on Sunday.  The gift of my other niece seems to have gotten lost.  Hehehe!


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