Thursday, October 08, 2015

Etiquette For Martian?

It is required for us to take a leave for five (5) consecutive days.  This is a way to catch if you are doing monkey-business.

For Day 1, decided to go to Circuit Makati.  This is the first time I will be going to there.  Odd... the Circuit Mall seems to be closed.  Asking the guard, it opens at 11AM (similar to Greenbelt).  So asked to be dropped at Glorietta, instead, my usual mall haunt.

It will be a movie marathon then.  Bought discounted movie tickets for Etiquette for Mistresses and The Martian.

Since I still have a coupon for a free meal at Jollibee from BPI credit card, availed of my free lunch.  My niece who was also at the mall dropped by.  She would be buying shoes for her mom and sister to be used in her brother's wedding on Saturday.

Four mistresses friends took in their wing a new girl, a mistress of the husband of a presidential candidate.  Georgia is tasked to teach Ina the ways of being the other woman, the rules to keep her lover happy and avoid scandal.  But Chloe has a different approach.  Georgia teaches discretion above all else; Chloe demands more from her lover.  OK.  The bottom line is Rule #10.

In between the movies I window-shopped.  Well... actually bought a blouse.  Thinking if I would be wearing it in the wedding or my old one.  Hehe!

"The Martian" is about an astronaut left behind by his team in Mars.  It shows man's determination to live, cooperation (people in NASA combining all their great minds to bring him back), and science (by tackling one problem one at a time).  Like.

Bought an almond sans rival at Sugarhouse.  Cakes at Sugar House is 20% off 5 days before and after birthday.  So got mine at 20% off.  c",)


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