Saturday, October 10, 2015

Nephew's Nuptial

It is my nephew's wedding.  We will be leaving the house around 8:30AM with a rented van.  We were eight in all plus the driver.

It is actually about a two-hour trip.  Instead of proceeding to the Mimosa Villas, stopped first at Binulo for our lunch.  Requested the help of the waiter which food to try.  So, ordered Paco Salad, Shrimp Okoy, Sisig, Binulong Nasi (rice cooked in bamboo), Kalderetang Kambing, and Pangat na Ulang (prawn cooked in bamboo).

Paco Salad
Shrimp Okoy
Binulong Nasi
Kalderetang Kambing
Pangat na Ulang

Then, proceeded to Mimosa Villas to rest, prepare for the wedding.  At around 2PM, we proceeded to St. Joseph the Worker Chapel.  Took some photos (taking care not disturb the official photographers and videographers).

The things I consider highlights of the wedding are:

*  When the couple are sharing, cried when it was the turn of my nephew.  He also mentioned his lola.  It is not only me who cried--even my cousins, my aunts, etc.

*  Since I was in the choir loft most of the wedding, when it was nearing to end, decided to go down. Then, ahead of me going down the stairs is a butterfly.  My nanay always show her presence thru a butterfly.    She just wouldn't miss the wedding of his favorite apo.  c",)

Went to Holiday Inn for the reception.

Finished the programme before proceeding home.

When I arrived home, the gift of my other niece finally arrived.  Hehehe!  Thank you.


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